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    I don't like it and normally don't do it. I usually heat up the tip, twist and pull at the same time. Now, I've broken the thread from a glue in adaptor inside the insert. Any suggestions on getting the insert out without direct heat on the carbon? Bowmania
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    The heat wave folks back east have been experiencing finally got out west this weekend. We had temperatures in the 115 range. I managed to get an early 3D in on Saturday before it got too hot, too hot being a relative statement. My son and I hit the climbing gym this morning. No chance that we...
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    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here and was hoping that someone could give me some insight into this question. I was recently cleaning out my room and came across my old Martin X~150 recurve bow (unstrung.) I put it to the side, and continued my work for around another 5-10 minutes...
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    I've just received a Kustom King catalogue. They're selling heat tempered bamboo shafts and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of using them. Kustom King have a pretty solid reputation here in the Uk so I have no doubt as to the quality. I'd appreciate any comments.
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    It's already hitting the 90's this week in central Florida, was out shooting today and man is it hot!!! I'm shooting in a sandy meadow area without any trees. I was thinking of buying some sort of tent or a tarp. Just curious to see what you guys do to keep cool [emoji41] and DIY's are greatly...
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    Questions for you bow manufacturers? Do you heat-treat your bamboo cores? Where do you buy solid bamboo boards as shown in the Stalker build-along?
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    Ok, so we had our State 900 round this past weekend. Here in the Great Pacific Northwest (west side of mountains) we are usually blessed with temperate weather, however God decided we should experience the heat. LOL It was 95+ on Saturday with the sun blazing on us, not sure what the heat...
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    Is it worth it to buy a heatgun to make my vanes straight again? Or there is other ways? Thanks
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    It's heading into the 90's where I live. I am wondering, how do you deal with February heat? Are you able to shoot or do you have to hide in your house with the air conditioner on high?
  10. Camp Kitchen
    I like cast iron cookware, but usually I'm using it camping or at the deer shack. I've got Coleman propane and white gas stoves but the burners are small enough to cause "hot spots" and scorching at the center. Anybody had experience using cast iron in conjunction with commercially available...
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    I picked up my Legend ACS RC 32#@28" on 19" mediums. I shot them on several risers. Finally put the on my favorite Epic riser. Arrows weighed 285gr drew 34# for 8.38ggp. This is smoking speed for me
  12. Warfin' Wall
    Good Morning All, I searched the warfing threads for this particular bow but was unsuccessful in finding any info. A buddy of mine has a Browning Heat compound bow that has a few damaged cams and I was curious if anyone has had any experience with trying to warf this riser or if it would be a...
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    where do ya get them I see the binghams catalog no longer shows them?
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    I have just been reading about the bad heat wave and storms many of you guys in the states are getting. Take care and keep cool, it sounds brutal out there. TN hit record highs today according to the Toronto Star newspaper, woohoo, can't wait :(
  15. Trail Cams
    Checking trail cams again tomorrow. I'm thinking the deer have been hanging in cool spots near water. I know I would be...
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    Hi all, I have a question and I wonder if you can help me out... I have a pair of Samick Mizars long 40# on my 23" Excel riser. While shooting 3d this summer, I notice my arrows can impact a good 3" to 4" lower at 20 yards on the practice butts at the end of the day. I remember reading that...
1-16 of 25 Results