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    I see you were looking tonight but no posts in awhile. I hope all is going okay with you down in Florida.
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    Ive got a bow built by autumn woods archery, says "day break" on it and build for a fellow named jerry blank. Anyone familiar with this bowyer? got it from a friend who got it off eBay years ago. Thank you.
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    I know the boys are there shooting and we had near 90 yesterday and near 32 this morning. Could be a challenge. LOL Mike
  4. Political Soapbox
    bho, hrc, sanders, schumer, pelosi, etc. al all over the news shows congratulating Trump on his victory, telling America it's time to come together and work with the new POTUS for the good of the country, decrying all the threats of assassination, the violent protests and rallies, roads being...
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    I have read on the Archery Talk forum, that the Sids will launch the HEX 7,5 about Christmas.... Do you have heard about something ? Best Regards: Zsolt
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    Bear Hunter, 48# I think it's a 1970 or 71. Now I'll have the Kodiak Mag TD that Burt used and the Hunter that Jon used in the movie Deliverance.
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    Newer archer here....but fairly familiar with bear bows, black widows, hoyt, wing, main brands, ect....... Anyone heard of Copperhead bows?? I can't tell you more cause it's a bow I just bought and I'm assuming I can't post someone else's pictures on this site without their permission. I'll get...
  8. Political Soapbox
    I know he and his wife have had recent health challenges. If anyone knows how to reach out above and beyond the Forum, check on him. He's been MIA. Thanks
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    It's a full length bivy sack with arms!...Kinda cool. I bought it a couple years ago at the Harrisburg Outdoor Expo. Ya may or may not like it but it really does have it's advantages...AND... is plenty warm. I've been using a Heater BodySuit for quite a few years and this is lighter, just as...
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    Mike, Jason, and John from Dryad bows went moose hunting. Mike called on the Sat phone. Had me worried for a minute. Sounded very tired. One time we were elk hunting and took two elk a few seconds apart. It made for a long night. My last word to Mike was take them one at a time......they...
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    But an archer's high? That's what I was feeling today after getting back out there. I shot in the basement at my local archery shop again (8-10 yards) and wound up with this: Its finally starting to come together, guess I have graduated to the main floor at 20 yards...... :D
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    Ive heard a rumour! so take this with a pinch of salt! Ive heard through a 3rd party that the IFAA are looking to remove carbon longbows (flatbows to us brits) from the LB classes. Whats folks thoughts on this? Firstly is the rumour true? is the possability right in your view? should...
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    Hey all, On one of the other forums a user posted a find he scooped up for cheap and i had never seen a bow like it. It was a FASCO DECATHALON. It is a recurve with the limbs mounted on the inside like the Black Widow limbs are. The riser is metal and looked to be maybe 20 inches or a bit...
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    I am looking for Lonnie Dye. I want to get him to make me one of his selfbows. Please let me know if you have any contact information for him. Thanks everyone.
  15. Political Soapbox
    Just for yucks, I googled my signature line, 'It's the spending, stupid.' Wow! Not saying they got it from me, but dang, I have a lot of company ;-)
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    Anyone had any contact with CM recently. He was on the recieving end of some pretty unpleasant personal insults over on the LW recently and I was just wondering if he's OK CM if your reading this .... this is where your real friends are .... Phil
  17. Hunting Camp
    I live in western Montana and hunt mostly big timber for my Whitetails. The first documented (modern) wolf den site is about ½ mile from my house. Wolves are a part of hunting around here and in the last 5 years they (along with liberal rifle doe tags) have greatly reduced the deer...
  18. Political Soapbox
    New Jersey Poll on having a Bear Season. They need to start managing these bears with science and not polls and emotion. :2cents:
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    I have been trying to get my savannah longbow....set up.....for several weeks....I managed to kill a hog that I posted but....I wasn't real satisfied with performance.....bow was shooting consistantly left.....with an ocassional bullseye at 2o yds....50#62".....I was shooting a beaman 400....29...
  20. Watering Hole
    Obama says while handing McCain his bad-word-for-your-rear-end, "Here, John, this fell off during the debate. I thought you might want it back." :goodvevil