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    I recently purchased a used Martin Hatfield Takedown with writing on the limbs and riser MHTD 6289. I was hoping to learn the year made. This way I can determine if it is able to use any string material such as fast flight.
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    Larry I'd like to ask ..... .... If I was to try and buy just one of the bows you designed, the bow of which you are most proud ... which one would it be? My eyesight is failing, my joints don't move as they used to, my memory is failing and I have COPD and Asthma... I've decided I want one...
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    Anyone know of any other limbs that will fit the Martin Hatfield Take Down riser other than the orginals with pins??? THANKS
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    I acquired a Martin Hatfield TD last year. I really like the bow. My hand fits the grip perfect and it is faster than my DH Coronado with the same draw weight specs. It's a keeper. I noticed that the serial number on the riser (MHTD 3390) did not match the serial numbers on the limbs (3422)...
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    For Larry Hatfield : . . . White Ram Ottoman Hornbow . . . (. . . needless to say it works . . .) regards, John
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    Larry, please forgive the unusual nature of this question ... I'll explain later. Do flight archers ever experience target panic?
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    Have a question for you larry.I bought this bow at drum hell ers 30 some years ago,for some reason I'm wondering what year it was when I bought it.If i remember right they had just came out.Also bought hatfield takedown recurve.Both bows shoot like the day I bought um.There like members of the...
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    Larry, throughout your distinguished career, did you ever consider or think about making an English style longbow?
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    Hatfield Limbs Wanted I am searching for a set of two-pin Hatfield limbs. 60-70#s, preferably 65#s. If you can help, I would appreciate it. Thanks...
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    Must have been in his younger days gettin' ready to go to work.
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    I've been given some Bow and arrow magazines from the 1960's ... the adverts are wonderful .... I love that Del Ray
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    I just acquired this today, and haven't been able to really narrow down any information. all the other Hatfields I found had gloss finishes instead of satin and the ones that had the 2 limb alignment pins instead of the ball bearings had Martin markings on them. Jus wondering if what I did find...
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    I bought this bow new at least 16 years ago maybe 20+ Im not sure. I looked at some other threads here on similar bow and I think I can use fastflight with this bow, but Im not sure. No one had a picture that looked like this one. Here are pictures of both sides of one tip. I would appreciate...
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    I'm wondering if he still visits this forum. I picked up an older Howatt Hunter and could really use some info.
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    I am wondering whether it is worth warfing this riser? It currently has 52#@28 and with my 30.5" draw I am holding 61# so basically I can't use it. If it is worthwhile, how difficult is it to do? Thanks, Blair.
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    My Estonian friend Aare has a Martin Hatfield T/D bow, he won 2007 WA3D worlds in 2007 with this bow, he wants to get lighter limbs 35# for either a 64" or 62" bow, can anybody help with sourcing some limbs. :thankyou:
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    I have a riser from an older Hatfield takedown. I was able to get Larry to sign it and refinish it. I need a set of limbs for it. However it is the older design with the recessed pocket for the limbs. It uses smaller pins and the new limbs will not fit. Anyone know where I can find a set of limbs?
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    Black widow sall Ironwood, marked [email protected] As you can see at my draw length of 27" it pulls 59#. Arrows 450gn.
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    Dear Mr. Hatfield, I recently bought a MHTD. Could you tell me how old it is by the 4 digit marking number, 6317? What woods were used? Original retail price? Any information would be wonderful. Sincerely, Joseph Royal Robert McArdell
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    Hello to all. I just purchased three bows one is a Martin Hatfield. The owner said its about 5/6 years old. Is there any way I can tell the age for sure and the approx. value? Its 62" 40lbs @28. Very good shape. If you look hard you may find a couple very small scratches but other than that...