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    I bought a new Bear Grizzly about 3 months ago and have been shooting it regularly since them (and loving it!). When I got it, the string grooves were black, but now they appear to have worn through to the wood core. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? I am shooting a 16 strand B50, the...
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    Mediums, 31.4#. Riser is an older Inno Carbon X-Lite 23" making a 66" Open 3D bow. I no ked the bow at 1/2". Picked out some 29" 600 with AL footing and 125 gr field points. Eyeball ed the arrow to just outside the string on left side. String blur is my usual, inside edge of sight window...
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    Hi, Just realize that top ILF fitting groove have some deformation. Do not why it happens. What do you think? Thanks Martin
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Was looking at these on the Easton site. Wondering if anyone used them on a lower stand count string? Sent from my SGH-T679 using Tapatalk 2
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    I aim and I do understand aiming. BUUUUTTTTTT......I have one of the first Sky Hunter Extreme risers oh maybe from 1980. 45#@28". As Matt suggested in a post I have shoot 10s of thousand POC arrows out of it. With the arrow under my eye, how would I not know the trajectory of that arrow. I...
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    Hi, So I got some HEX6 (nice!) and a spigarelli revolution 2 (60 arrows in and a bolt is already turning, should've listened). Anyway, made the string and it sits nicely in the grooves until I shoot and then it returns to the limb left of the groove. I've centered the limbs (I think) but it...
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    As you may well have noticed I have not been as active this last year as I normally am... Work commitments (the joys of being self employed) and illness have kept the number of shooting days down... This has been reflected in my scores... :( Got the nationals in 5 days and I have been giving...
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    I have seen groove referenced a couple of times and related to a particular fps. Is that just a speed people try to maintain so they have similar trajectory all the time so their shots are consistent or does it refer to someting else? I guess if you have a paticular groove desired, you get the...
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    i dont have a camera so im going to use pictures of the internet and use paint to show you guys whats going on. anyway i have a ben pearson colt and there is a crack in it. im thinking its screwed but wanted to know if anyone thinks its salvageable. thanks oh and on the back side the crack is...
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    I have a set of limbs that need just a tad of work to the string grooves. Where can I get a file for this? Also, what coarsness do they come in?
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    I was just over at the Widder wall and some of the guys were saying that they saw a increase in group size using wool wrap for string groove silencers. The concensus was to go back to calfhair on the bow in the string grooves. Never heard of wraps causing issues. Has anybody here noticed that?
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    let say you are 15 yrs old. ya have the opportunity to get a 45 # bear recurve and ya do. ya don't know any archers yet but ya go to the library and check out every book they have on archery. ya really like the one that has the fellow that makes bows and put stylized eye on them. they in...
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    Two nights ago I dusted off the warf and loaded my quiver with some carbons. I stepped off ten yards and started to let fly. I couldn't get a tight group to going to save my life. Frustrated, I knocked another arrow canted the bow and just started letting those arrows fly. I must have relax...
1-13 of 13 Results