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    I apologize because I am sure this is a well worn topic but I just cannot find an answer to a scenario that seems to pit experience versus recommendations. I have a short draw length of 25" I am shooting a nice new longbow rated at 65# @28" so my effective draw weight is 57#, I show this...
  2. Bows
    Offering my 1959, right hand, 62” 40# Bear Grizzly for sale. There will be no bargain here as this is the finest 59 Grizzly I’ve ever seen. The bow has no filled holes, chips, dings, etc. It does show the usual vertical stress in the limbs. I’ve owned this bow longer than I can remember...
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    Hello everyone, I have no experience with shooting recurve, only compound. I am use to having a peep and sight pins and basically able to line up the arrow. No knowing exactly how to draw and aim a recurve I am mimicking compound a bit. For my draw, I am placing the bowstring so it bisects...
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    I recently got a Bear Grizzly II for a steal at a local Goodwill store. I want to clean it up and replace parts if need be to make it look and work like new again. My dad used to own this exact bow and I figured it would be awesome if he could see it again. Whatever advice is given, I will...
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    First time post and first vintage bow purchase. I had been looking for a while and finally got, at least what I think, was a good deal. Picked both of these up for a grand total of $65. I have not been shooting long and started with a Sage but wanted to jump into the vintage fray. Got a...
  6. Hunting Camp
    I'm going to throw my hat in the ring. Not sure if I want to draw or not with a 6,000 dollar price tag for non residents but I figure that this will probably be the only way that I can afford to hunt them in my lifetime.
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    I just got my grizzly in the mail friday and decided to let er eat some foam. Looks like a beautiful relationship starting. Nd Had a little help from the youngin Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Is anyone planning to hunt this season with the new Grizzly Bruin double bevel broadheads? If so, would you want to give us a preliminary report, and another after you have used them on game? Examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good. - 1 Thessalonians 5:21
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    All are two blade, screw in, single right bevel broadheads. Which one would be best? Flight, ease of sharpening, and toughest for whitetail?
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 15 of The Push Podcast. We had a great chat with Jim "Grizzly" Kent of Archery Adventures... In this episode we talk archery in the U.K. and how Jim got into this wonderful sport. We also discuss his great YouTube channel Archery Adventures and we share in a...
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    I'm thinking about trying one or both of these. The grizzly with the right bevel is supposed to be easy to sharpen and have great penetration. The Simmons is a double bevel that can be fitted with bleeders and has a wider cut. From you guys experience, which of these is the better penetrator...
1-11 of 61 Results