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    If my bow @ 47# shoots 161fps @ 12.44GPP how do I figure out the FPS at 10GPP? Do I have enough data points here? Is it just a linear increase FPS for the reduction in GPP (that makes for very high FPS).
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    Dear Members, I would ask you suggedtions: - What would be "the best" arrow gpp for 3D competition (WA max 30meter, IFAA max 54meter)? The bow is a Border Covert Hunter 7.5-H.... :-) Thank You in advance! Tapatalkkal küldve az én SM-J510FN eszközömről
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    I know flight archers are secretive bunch and keep their equipment specifications close to their chests. but i'd like to know if there's an optimum GPP for a wooden flight arrow.
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    Can I ask you guys that shoot light weight arrows. (the 5 and 6 GPP range) What speeds are you getting, and at what specs. Draw length, Holding weight, Arrow weight, id be greatfull of the answers
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    Ok for all you pro 3D,field and fita shooters. What GPP arrow weight are you all shooting. I dare say its not within manufacturers specs. How light is too light. Im shooting carbon foam limbs. Is this something we still need to worry about with all the space age products in our limbs
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    Just got some new shafts, and am planning to bareshaft this week. Im right at 11.3 gpp with 27" gold tip 1535 traditionals (225 gr tip). I have a 50# Montana LB but I only pull 25". Is the arrow too heavy? I only shoot 20 yards. 25 max.
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    Hey guys, just ordered some new arrows thinking they would come with the 75 grain brass HIT inserts installed, but the damn things came with the little 16 grain inserts installed. My total arrow weight is coming in at 8.6 gpp. Is that safe to shoot through my Montana longbow? (50# at 28", but I...
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    figure the grains per pound of your bow and arrow. figure your fps per pound of your bow. Now divide the gpp by the fpspp you would get a bow index that seems like it would tell you meaningful info. The fly in the ointment is draw length. Did anyone come up with a bow index from fps, draw...
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    Are The recommendation from manufacture the same for all draw weight. Just on the surface it seems a 28# and a 48# draw could possible have different minimums???
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    As the title says is it ok if I keep my ILF Border with Hex5H strung at all times?(60 amo 7and 1/4 bh). Also I am shooting 7 gpp out of iot. Is that cool or am I looking at splinters in my face?
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    Dear All ! I would like to be smarter ! I want to learn from you ! Usually what gpp-s arrow do you shoot in a outdoor 3D or Fiel competition as a gap shooter ? I think: - The lower gpp gives flatter trajektory but can damage the limbs... - Higher gpp gives slower arrow speed... What is the...
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    Is this make specific or general? I ask as I am shooting a lightweight arrow of 7.6 gpp and see that even the top end bows like Black Widow have a minimum weight to keep in warranty. Thanks.
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    I mainly use my current hunting setup for field, 3D, (Distances out to about 50 yards) but am thinking of using a separate set up, lighter arrow weight for target, etc. What GPP (Grains Per Pound), arrow weight range are competitive barebow shooters using? Thanks.
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    Looking at stored energy, and playing with Dr James Parks arrow tune simulator i felt like a fool when the penny dropped. The Minimum GPP concept is fundamentally flawed in that it takes NO consideration of bow efficency or even differences in stored energy. Looking at Mr Parks Calculator he...
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    after lots and lots of research and suggestions from otgers here and elsewhere, I have decided to venture into the ilf world. I am going to start out with a black onyx riser, and black max limbs. Eventually, I am planning on getting a hoyt excel riser as well. I thought I read somewhere that 6...
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    Out of interest what is the minimum Grains Per Pound for arrow weight in respect of modern recurve limbs? I understand the need for a minimum but I cannot find a quoted amount from any of the main manufacturers after a quick search. I have heard of 6.5gpp - any advances on that? I am not...
1-16 of 18 Results