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    i had fun making this video, i shot a 2-3week or so ago. i am going to shoot alot of video and play with probably beats me posting stupid questions trying to learn the sport... i make a lot of whitewater kayak videos and figured i would try some archery stuff too... enjoy
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    As one commenter has already indicated...this can be brutally difficult. And at times dangerous. But always fun.
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    I got the latest GoPro 6 and I'm very impressed. I filmed a lot of the ETAR video with it and I was impressed with the quality of the image. I've always wanted to video a nice buck being shot and I've tried to use GoPro's before on my head to film but was not happy with the perspective. The...
  4. Camera Land
    Forget GoPro. Now there is AimCam V1 Pro for only $199.99 AimCam is the world's first true, line of sight video capture system. Capturing what you see, as you see it. AimCam's patented camera system is fully adjustable to perfectly suit your equipment requirements. From your everyday...
  5. Watering Hole Problems with the long term viability of GoPro is not a surprise for all the reasons mentioned in the article. While I would like to have some videos of me from my salad days, capturing some great...
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    Really hot today Wanted to experiment with the GoPro I had an idea about leaving it on the ground when I'm in a tree or on a Tri pod in the back of a blind or positioned near a trail and activating it with the remote when a deer etc. comes along So just playing with it and learning to edit...
  7. Watering Hole
    Anyone own/use a GoPro HD recorder? Thinking about trying one this fall while hunting.
1-7 of 7 Results