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  1. Bows
    For sale like new GQ25 with Spigarelli ZT rest, Shibuya DX plunger, Gillo bare bow weight. W&W Carbon black max limbs makes a 66" bow 41-45 lb or so. I went on a bow buying spree and am letting some stuff go.
  2. Bows
    looking for a RH Ghost 19"
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey guys just picked up a gillo ghost here. Girlfriend claimed it as soon as she seen it. Worked out real good for me, I got my dryad limbs back. She doesn’t like the grip, so is there any other brands of grips that would fit. Thanks Jay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Bows
    I have a Purple RH Gillo G1 asking $300 tyd I have internal set of BB weights for the Gillo $25 with the Riser I have a Chromed Steel 1 piece Riser weight 745 grams $75 with the Riser
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm looking hard at a 27" Gillo GT Riser and am happy to read it's a quiet shooter but have heard skuttlebutt questioning whether or not it is approved or would be disqualified for use in certain BB venues pending organization rules due to it's neoprene pocket spring/dampers. Anyone have any...
  6. Bows
    Up for sale I have a R H Gillo GQ 23. Riser is like new condition, shot very little. Comes with a disc weight kit, also new. $290.00 TYD, lower 48
  7. Bows
    Gillo Ghost Barebow Riser--sold Gillo Ghost Hunter right hand barebow riser in a gray color-19 inches with all accessories and original box- Like new condition- $185. CONUS including shipping. Sold
  8. Bows
    Up for sale I have a real nice barebow setup. RH Gillo GQ23 with Gillo weights, Uukha Ex1 Evo2 medium 32# limbs with limb savers, matching Beiter plunger, ff string. Entire rig shot maybe 200 arrows, decided I like longbows better. 715.00 for everything, 625.00 without Beiter plunger, shipped...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Maybe its because I've been stuck at home the last 3 weeks, but I'm hankering to try a different ILF riser. As background, I've owned Hoyt Excels, Satoris, a few Dalaas, a WF19 and a Titan III. But have been eyeing the Ghost, so am interested to hear about your opinions and experiences with the...
1-9 of 122 Results