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    Does anybody know anyone I can send my Gamemaster 2 off to to get the limb pockets machined so I can use ILF limbs?
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    Hi Guys, Now that the Duralite Quiver is no longer available (I can't find any that's for sure) does anyone have a suggestion for alternatives? The Hoyt Arrow Rack 2 piece I think I could get to work if I was prepared to make custom mounting rods of the triangular shape. I guess I could get a...
  3. Warfin' Wall
    Finally got a Rambo riser.I made plates for it to warf it to ILF but I HAVE A PROBLEM.There is no solid place to tap my plates to secure them.It would take a lot of JB weld to fill the hollow pockets.Any suggestions?
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    Hi All, For anyone that has adapted ILF limbs for the Hoyt GMII riser what limb weights are you getting from the marked weights on the limbs? I know the pound per inch rule but that doesn't always work out perfectly because of limb pad angles and different manufacturers methods of weighing...
  5. Warfin' Wall
    Been a long time since I was here! Moved half way across the country to Virginia for a new job. Very little time for archery, hunting and working in the shop for the last year+. Finally have my shop reasonably well set up. Many months ago, Loc warfed a Gamemaster II to DAS for me. Steepened the...
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    Ive been pondering the idea of putting a elevated rest on this bow,what are some rest choices ,what are the benefits of a elevated rest on trad bow ? Feed back appreciated! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  7. Bow Projects
    Is it possible to convert this bow to ILF ? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Some archers such as Scooter and Jim Casto have shown us how easy it is to convert ILF limbs for use on a Hoyt Dorado or Gamemaster riser . You just change out the factory bushings and replace them with bushings that will fit those risers:
  9. Warfin' Wall
    Just received an Easter present from Loc! I traded SticknString88 for a left handed Gamemaster II riser. He got an ILF Proline from me, I got the GM2. Need to contact Craig and see how the Proline is treating him. So, more fine work from Loc Do. Overview of the riser: DAS conversion of the...
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    Does anyone shoot a Tiburon? Is it the same riser as a Gamemaster only with formula limb attachment system? Would a converted Gamemaster to accept ILF be just as functional? I have shot the original Gamemaster a long time ago. I like the feel of the riser, but not the bow overall. I would prefer...
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    After trying many ILF metal risers in 21" and 19", I actually came full circle back to my Hoyt Game Master II, except it wasn't ILF. I could swap bushings on most limbs, but not my Kaya kStorms since their limb wedges are quite flat, and of course there's no adjustability on a bolt down. So...
  12. Warfin' Wall
    I want to convert this riser a long time ago. Had been looking for one with decent price but no luck. Finally I called my archery shop and ordered a brand new. It came yesterday, right out of the box went straight to the machine
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    Being somewhat more reflexed than my other risers, I am thinking about picking up a set of longbow limbs to put on my Gamemaster. Anybody tried it or have any imput about whether it would be a suitable combo?
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    Hello everyone. Im a new member here and I have a quick question that Ive recieved multiple ( different) answers too on another forum so maybe you guys can give me a "absolute" answer......I have a Hoyt Gamemaster 2 (21" riser w/ short limbs ) and I just purchased new Trad tech medium length...
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    Dear all, I'm italian (so, please forgive the bad english), I'm an happy owner of a gamemaster II. I have only 2 "simple" questions about it. The first is that when I mount the limbs, I have a 2-3 mm of gap from the bottom of the limb and the side of the washer that clamp the limb, is that...
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    Hi! I am from Serbia (Europe). Can any one recommend my any web store or shop with international shipping method, where can i buy a grip for GM II riser, except Lancaster/TradTech? Lancaster/TradTech are not responding on my messages, and they do´nt have shipping method for my country. Thanks
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    Hi all!! I intend to buy TradTech BlackMax Carbon short limbs, and put them on Hoyt GM 2 riser, but i cant figure which limb weight should i take. I need it to be 62" long and 40-42lbs on 21" riser. Please help.
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    I have an original game Master, The limb alignment pin is .261. My limb bushing does not fit down over the pin completely. Is that correct. I put some tradtech longbow limbs on it and they move around.
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    I am wondering if the grizzly broadhead will be to long for the hoyt quiver on my gamemaster 2. I want to order a bow quiver that will fit the hoyt quiver inserts holes and is also deep enough for grizzly broadheads. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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    Does anyone have pictures of how to do the ILF to Hoyt GM/Dorado bushing conversion? I've actually done it years ago without a vice and had a step by step procedure with pictures but I can't find it. Thanks!