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    Looking for a RH BiDrop any color is fine. Let me know condition and send a picture of it. Thanks
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    New barebow shooter here, which Gabriel rest do you recomend for barebow string walking and where does a guy in the USA buy one?
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    I am trying to find a place in the U.S.A that sells these rest .I found one place in Gilroy CA , but I have not been able to find the rest I want .Any help would be great ,or if someone has one they want to sell . These rest have really good action on the arrow arm .
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    I've got a new riser on the way and need a new rest, so after reading all the good reviews here I think I'm going to try the Gabriel bi-drop rest. I figure if I'm going to order all the way from Europe I might as well look into one their plungers too. Any opinions on the Gabriel plungers...
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    Who are the USA retailers for this rest? Are there any off shore retailers that sell into the US that sell this rest? Please advise, thanks.
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    I have been testing the drop away version of the Gabriel rest since last June. I have added my initial findings to the post by Stolid Bull, so that the important information could be found in one place. If you want to know whether my crawls were shortened, you will have to visit the post below...
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    I just setup my new Gabriel Unirest GUX BiDrop Arrow Rest. I forgot who on TT had talked about this rest. Anyway, this is a drop down rest. The arrow wire sticks out pretty far. I am wondering if folks bend or cut the wire. I am leaving mine as is for now since I have a tournament next weekend...
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    Hi, I’m very happy with my Gabriel Drop rest but I would like to try the Bi-Drop without having to buy another rest (I have 2). I want to transform one of them. Try to order a spare wire, but Gabriel offer spare wires only for the GU III, so I will have to make mine. In case any Tradtalker here...
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    Hi, I have been playing with Gabriel rests and found something I want to share. I bought two models, the traditional, side rotation and the drop model. First one works like conventional rest, the wire moves to the side to clear path for the arrow...
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    Hi TT! I have been asked several times for my opinon on the new generations of Gabriel arrow rests Drop and BiDrop. Instead of answering these questions separately, I chose the thread form to have the chance of getting your opinions as a response. I have always been a strong supporter of the...
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    HI, I'm looking for information about the Gabriel rests. What is the difference between the "Gabriel Unirest GU III" and the "Gabriel Unirest GUX Drop"? It looks like the axel is vertical on GU III and horizontal on Drop, but could not find more info. How good are for stringwalking...
1-11 of 15 Results