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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 43 of The Push Podcast. In this episode we spend the evening with the legendary Fred Eichler. We talk bowhunting adventures, the super slam, equipment and shot processes. Fred is a true champion and icon of traditional archery and we hope you enjoy the episode...
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    I was looking forward to this match up in TBM. I love Jason's writing and feel he has logical shooting on his side. Should be a pretty easy win for Jason??? Fred on the other hand is probably the best writing archer out there PERIOD. This can make up for a lot of problems that crop up in his...
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    Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to the Trad world.I recently got a 56 year old Fred Bear Kodiak Special Deluxe. Unfortunately the arrows I have for it are too short (30 inches) and too light on spine. The Specs on it are as follows: 70 inches long 46# at 28 inches My draw length: 32...
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    Fred's birthday is March 5th and in celebration we have 20% off most Bear Archery products (excludes bows/limbs). Be sure to check out the savings here:
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    Question for all you warfing mad scientists, can you take a broken Tammy like in the picture and war the riser into an ILF?
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    I recently picked up a camo painted mag riser fred bear takedown with calipers and a compass, 64" limbs at 61#, limbs marked 3-1895, riser at 25 1/2" from latch to latch, latches are chrome with a black bear on each, there is no medallion, black limbs with white tips, can anyone identify model...
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    Is it true that they switched from right hand shooting to left hand because of TP ? Curious sort I am. Since my shoulder rebuild three years ago my shooting has been going down hill. I have no pain but had a six-nine month lay off. Some of yall know I've been trying lighter weight limbs and...
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    This Fred Bear takedown bow from the collection of Burt Reynolds recently auctioned for $1,920.00. I thought it would go for around $750. Better hold onto one if you have one. This one wasn't even in the movie Deliverance The description said it was similar though...
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    Hi, I am tossing around maybe parting with my Skookum Longbow. The bow is 68" and is 54lb at 27". This is tough because once its gone, its gone. Probably will be super hard to replace!! The bow is in great used condition. These bows I would consider one of the best ever made. By far the best...
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    I like to think that he's waiting for us all, up on the Little Delta. Happy 112th birthday to the man that showed, to so many of us, that the way home, is inward. God bless and keep his legacy for our young ones to know, as well. My grandson, Ace River Reed, knows him on sight. Ace is 26...
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    Where can I buy grippers for this quiver? And how to I replace them?
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    Lots of "Bear Talk" has been going on lately in the trad forums...meanwhile I've been glued to my new Falco Force for nearly a month now and the past week? SuperK was looking a bit the point that I kinda forgot just how smooth it is and finally decided to give the Falco a night...
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    First off....I'm no expert on Fred Bear Take-Down Recurves... There is plenty of information on this subject on at least one other bowhunting / archery forum.... However....I was hoping to start a discussion here among this group of super folks... any of you folks like...
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    Has anyone shot this newer Fred Bear Longbow? Can find much on the Montana but not much on this one. How Is this bow to shoot. How do you think it compares to the Montana etc... Thanks!
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    I ordered the whole Fred Bear collection set yesterday and it was mailed out today. I can remember watching his shows back in the 60s and 70s. Some were outstanding and I'm looking forward to seeing those again. Anyone else have this collection? I got it off ebay!
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    45# RH Montana Had the bow for 2 days Financial Situation arose Came with shooting kit, Shooting glove Large (RH) 2 brush buttons 1 bowstringer(for a recurve probably won't work skinny and shallow pockets). 1 tip protector. 1 armguard. I removed the grip, put a shur-grip on. Felt strike plate...
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    Hello, I just received a new fred montana longbow. The brace height is at 8.5" without twisting the string at all. The recommended brace height is 7.5-8.5". Anything wrong? I'm measuring bh from the middle of the grip. The actual string length is 61". So everything seems to be ok? Why...
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    Clearly a poorly worded post. Love to see everyone who is interested in archery to come join us - hunters and target archers alike.
1-19 of 35 Results