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    This weight was ordered 4 months ago..finally got it done! This one is forged with a dull axe for a treebark pattern. First forged brass weight. I like it! And a brass bottle weight in the works...forging to be added soon...hopefully not 4 months from now
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    Here is a stainless steel weight with a hammered finish. Right now it is satin but it will probably get a high polish but trying to preserve the black around the texturing. This one may end up on the one and only naked das Elite or a tribute.
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    My Aiken, SC forge is closed as we head back to New England for the summer. Latest trio of forged tippit knives...all about 7 1/2 inches long.
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    Tried something different in a forged knife...Southwestern Style. Handle is punky/burly Walnut stabilized with thin super glue and voids are filled in with Turquois sand...tippit
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    I'm going to buy my wife a riser and want to know your thoughts on these. The SF has good sales where the Bashan pro is rather unknown. The shop owner on YouTube really like the riser.. The B pro is heavier and I think a copy of GMX. This is a trial bow and if I like it I will get one myself...
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    Dropped off my buddy in NewYork :) To compete on Forged In Fire Oct 24 season 4 episode 22 (formerly 26) HISTORY CHANNEL 9 PM Eastern This is my buddy David Mirabile If you all might remember he made the Sids from Border Archery some knives for me Check it out I'm betting he wins...
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    Does the limb bolts screw directly into the alum.riser or is there a steel insert that they screw into? Thanks
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    Sorry about all the recent knife posts...But this is just to cool for me! I always donate a knife or two for the ST Judes Auction on Trad Gang. This years ST Judes Auction has been real an eye opener for me. I have been playing around trying to make a style of Lin Rhea's Blacksmith Knife...
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    I recently bought a new SF Forged+ 23" riser. The riser came with no instructions. I googled for instructions and found a poorly translated version for the 25" version. My questions are as follows- 1. What is the proper brace height range for this 23" riser and medium SF carbon/wood limbs (66"...
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    Hi all, do you know if there is possiblity to change grip on SF F +? This is only one thing I`d change about this bow, the grip is a bit to slim for my. The best one I`ve shooting was orthogrip by Hoyt but I like one one that was on Kaya K3 riser... Best wishes Mateusz
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    How much better is the forged plus over the premium plus? I am an intermediate archer shooting bare bow and already have a plunger and use the Hoyt Super Rest.
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    Matte dark gunmetal..awesome color! I thought you might like to see the color..awesome shooting riser! I'll say it again, this the best value in a 25" riser out there folks. The finish on this came just as flawless as the blue one did. There is 4oz on the stab if you were curious. I'm...
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    I thought I'd share my thoughts on this gear with you all...enjoy!
1-13 of 27 Results