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    Received a dozen tapered shafts from them today. I'm just learning some of the ends and outs on making and shooting wood arrows so what impressed me may not impress you. Ordered their 50-54 and first thing of course was to eye check to see how straight they were. All but one looked really...
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    I read an article or an ad a while back, a week or so, about a carbon arrow that has the appearance of being a footed wooden shaft. For the life of me I can't remember the ad, does anyone know what I saw or am I finally going around the bend?:help:
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    got bored the other day and this is what happened
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    Just Got back from ETAR at Denton Hill. Had a great time and bought another Ron Foley long bow. I brought some footed carbons for those for those "rare" rock hits. I notice I tend to shoot the footed arrows a little more accurately. I'm assume the footed shaft enables me to "see" the tip of...
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    Setup a new makenzie shot blocker the other day and began shooting some carbons. Being a new target with no worn areas I notice something interesting. The footed carbons penetrated a little deeper than the non-footed. The footed bareshaft penetrated the deepest. These are ICS bemans, all have...
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    Started using carbons, Beman 400 ICS hunter. Needed to add some weight and got some brass inserts from 3R's. Used 100 gr. insert and they bareshafted perfect, However, when I try to foot the shaft the shoulder of the insert is slightly larger Dia. No Al shaft will fit over. I'm going to the...
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    I know that not many of us use wooden arrows to much extent on the forum. If ya do you will have a number of arrows with the point broken off even with the ferrel of the BH ya use????? right or am I the onlhy one. If they are 11/32 a 2413 or 2415 will fit over the shaft with just a little...
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    Gentlemen: On another thread I've noted a few comments about footing carbon arrows with aluminium tubing (cut old arrows presumably). Am acquainted with footed wooden arrows but not carbons. Can anyone explain how much footing is used? One person noted 1" for strengthening the insert area I...
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    I have heard about doing this to carbon arrows to make them tougher. Can anyone fully explain this process to me? I am thinking about trying it just to see what happens.
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    I've been given some rather nice off cuts of snake wood, that'll make beautiful footings for P.O.C. or Ash shafts. I'd like to know if any one has a formula for the spine of the shaft before the footing is applied, as the footing always makes the spine a little stiff. I'd like the finished...
1-10 of 10 Results