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    Finally got around to finding the difference between Instinctive and Intuitive . . . Instinctive of etymology : 1640s, from Latin instinct-, past participle stem of instinguere "to incite, impel" (see instinct) + -ive. Related: Instinctively(1610s); instinctiveness. Coleridge uses...
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    So the little buck gave us 15 lbs of trim meat great for burger, stew meat or sausage. The boys LOVE breakfast sausage so that's what we made. Venison is too lean on its own for breakfast sausage so you need to mix in pork. I've found that for the trim meat off one deer you need two pork buts. I...
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    This deer started as a two year old 3x3 and yes I aimed ;-) shooting an animal is only part of the process. Good quality meat starts and finishes with proper handling. The deer was shot from a stand in a funnel about 150 yards behind the house. He fell within sight of the stand an 1/2 a hour...
  4. Camp Kitchen
    was at a friends house today at lunchtime. fry bread on gravy with elk on top. had mine with just the meat rolled in the bread. simple and good! didn't need the gravy!
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    Socccer? Meh. Food dishes from around the world compete, now that's exciting!
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    i really enjoy homegrown tomato's and this guy. guy clark has wrote some good ones.
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    here is one i really like. the khmer name is khar saiko kroeung, basically a beef stew with a great flavor. all the ingredients are available almost anywhere there is a large grocery or vietnamese food store. "Ingredients: Servings: 4 Servings Update. 2 lbs boneless top round beef, cut...
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    heres a sample of food at a rest stop on the way upcountry.
  10. Camp Kitchen
    Well, this may not have to do directly with archery, but anything that makes me this happy is bound to make me shoot better. I have been indulging in the perfect food: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and now want to know if our overseas friends ever get the opportunity to eat classic American...
  11. Hunting Camp
    I think my soybean seeds were crossed with kudzu. The soybeans are as tall as the ears of corn on the corn stalks. Amazing what some soil improvement, correcting the pH, and properly fertilizing can do....
  12. Hunting Camp
    I am in the process of improving the deer habitat on our farm. I am planting oaks and will also be planting fruit trees later. I recently ordered 20 sawtooth oaks from Edward Fort Nursery, in South Carolina. I ordered 15 regular sawtooths and 5 gobbler sawtooths. The gobbler is supposed to...
  13. Hunting Camp
    I'm not a farmer, done some gardening, but never grown turnips. I've read deer are crazy about turnips, and people do food plots with 'em. I have plenty of ground, thinking of putting out 2-3 patches of turnips. Are they low maintenance, how to plant, etc? Much ground preparation? Pros/cons...
  14. Camp Kitchen
    Ok I know that wild game is organic, (what about animals that feed on food plots?), but I now try to buy organic cage free chickens, eggs, and organic milk, and some veggies. Anyone going this route? if so what else do you purchase?
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    No vote means no interest and lack of participation in the poll will tell me that there's not enough interest to warrant the forum. If you guys would like a place to talk about things like who makes the best chili or a new venison rub you've whipped up or why Inda Pale Ale is better than...
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    This is what we can expect from the FDA and other entities of our health system. On top of MSG, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones how can we fight obeisity. Subject: Fw: monosodium glutamate I had no idea that Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein was MSG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just goes to show, ya...
1-16 of 24 Results