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    Hey all. Just wanted to reach out to my fellow long draw archers. I’m currently pulling back to 32 inches. Just wanting to hear what everyone is shooting! As well as any issues you may have had with certain setups or even custom wood bows!
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    at least that's what I did the last couple days! :lol: TT Member "Wilson" had sent me a 3D printed grip his son designed specifically for the Spig 650 Club riser. I deemed it nicer than the low wrist Jager this riser came with based on the fact that not only did the Wilson grip have mounting...
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    It's just middle aged guys and gals poking stuff with EXPENSIVE sharp sticks. When I first came to TT it was a collection of the best single string archers from around the world sharing info. Nothing we discuss is worth getting your blood pressure up about - it's what we do for fun - it's a...
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    Now ive made you click on this... :-) Merry Christmas to you all from everyone at Border! And a happy new year when it comes. And if your not a christmas follower. Happy holidays. Thats us shut till the 4th jan. Ill still be around to participate in threads and debates Sláinte
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    My favorite bowyer also does a dam fine job on Broadheads :) My man Max who looks like a white demon helping on the recovery and drag (19 WEEKS OLD) his sister was along also A few weeks ago I was speaking to Sid SR and we were having a conversation as we do on all things high performance...
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    As it's not everyday this old ******* gets.... "Priority Mail from Deutsche Land" matter fact?...I'm 58 years old and this is..."A 1st"... and I figured this precise little gizmo deserved all it's parts and pieces... and now?...I got'em! :) and now?... I can really get this bad boy...
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    I got to meet for the first time - Calvin Smock & Bob Littlefield at the IBO MAR in Chester Tx this weekend. I think they were the only ones I met who hang out here. Man O Man, what a GREAT weekend !!!!!! Cal, Bob - It was a pure pleasure, and I very much look forward to next time. :)
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    Innovate or go out of business. The is the bowery's paradigm. I understand that; it is a tough business, here is a look at that cycle. I have three more pair not pictured. The new generations are indeed innovative. In this picture there are some jewels in my opinion. Borders CXGs never...
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    this might be right up your street
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    Just picked Olivia up at the airport - stopped by the club before I got her Defiantly farm country out here. Tents waiting for vendors Targets waiting for people Anyone and everyone who is attending please post up pics and thoughts - this everyone's thread. Bug and I are going to...
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    I'm a newcomer to the forum, as if that wasn't obvious. I'm coming back to archery after a 17+ year layoff, because several of my children are very interested in it. My bow is a Damon Howatt Hunter, 60# HH 7591 AMO 62" (if anyone wants to date it for me, I bought it in late '88 or early '89). I...
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    Just want to see if good archers have the same problem as some of us duffers.
  13. Watering Hole
    I got inspired by raisins when he posted a thread called What's everyone reading. What have you guy's been recently reading? I have been reading the Tarzan series by Edgar rice Burroughs! Liam
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    I currently have a 15" Black Onyx riser and am looking to get a set of TT glass/wood longbow limbs for it. I have a 29" draw and am looking for 45# at my 29". The techs at TT said I sould go with 45# limbs but I was thinking I'd be better off with the 40#. ( gain #s for inches shorter than rated...
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    and just figured i drop in and intro myself..was once a fairly well established compound/fingers BHFSL shooter a couple decades ago and more recently drug out my old Bob Lee TD Hunter and decided to go trad barebow for my golden years and?..loved it so much more that i ran out and bought myself...
  16. Watering Hole
    I'm on station at Ft. Huachacha / Sierra Vista AZ for another month. I joined Huachuca Mtn. Archers and shoot at their range (which is on Post) almost daily at lunchtime, Saturday afternoon and any time Sunday. If you are intersted in getting together to shoot drop me a line.
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    Hi everyone, I've spent a lot of time lurking about here and figured it was about time to stick my head above the parapet when I saw macbow's - take a break or go to work post. Malcolm is a top guy and we don't want to lose him from this game, so please give him all the help you can, or threaten...
1-17 of 24 Results