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    i am now shooting a galaxy crescent with carbon foam limbs and a nexus a1 plunger with a hoyt super rest. i love the bow after shooting it hard all week. it is more accurate then i thought was possible for me :) probably why i love it now i would like to change arrow rests to one which is a...
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    This will be my first year shooting BB field. My set up is going to be A Spigarelli BB riser, Hoyt 40# 840, Centaur 45# or Border Hex 7.5 45#. I really like the ease of tuning and durability of a Springy. My question is, is the springy good for string walking to be competitive?. If not any...
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    I'm looking to put a more forgiving rest on my Titan III than my current stick-on shelf. For those who have used the options mentioned in the title of this thread, which do you prefer for hunting and why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have two Dorado risers that I use for my hunting rigs. I shoot feathers and also want to shoot Blazers. Boy, those Flipper rests are spendy. I thought about a Hoyt Hunter Rest or a Bear Weather Rest, but don't like putting so much double sided tape to get the shelf built out.
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    When the Centerest Flipper is installed, is the arrow meant to make contact with the plastic "plunger pad" or is the arrow meant to just sit on the flipper wire with no other contact? If I follow the instructions and keep it all level, the arrow slides on the wire to where the bend is and has...
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    I got a doz gt Velocity 400 29in shafts and 125 tips as a gift I fletched them with 5in fletchings. I shot a couple bare shaft showing stiff with my [email protected] dorado I have the flipper set up so my arrow is inline with my string can I adjust the flipper to correct the stiff arrow? Thanks
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    I shot 200 shoots thru Black Thunder/Hex 5 W at 20 yards with a plunger and magnetic flipper, then with a springy rest. I used Student T test paired by shot number and score. There was less than one standard deviation. No conclusion
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    I am trying to set up my DAS for the dual purpose of hunting and 3D. I set it up with a NAP Centerest Flipper and it tuned pretty easy with my bareshafts grouping right with my 3" vanes at 20 yards. However, I could see color on the sight window where my vanes were brushing, even though it...
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    Hi All Im trying out the string walking thing and managed to metal fatigue my old thin wire flipper rest to the point of no return. What do you all recommend? Will be used with a plunger setup. NWM PS: im also a Southpaw
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    Greetings all, I have a NAP flipper center rest and have been scouring the Internet in search of a replacement for the threaded end with the square shaft. I have found a bajillion replacement heads and complete packages but the only thing wrong with mine is the threads are stripped. Would I be...
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    I've heard that stick on rests don't always stick well to the Blackout finish on Hoyt Excels. What do you all think about the NAP Centerest and Centerest Flippers? I know they have been around for years just never messed with one. I noticed that the Flipper version has a big upward bend at the...
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    Does the flipper arm move completely under arrow at release? If so does the upturned end of the flipper lift the back end of the arrow? See both straight and upturned styles from manufacturers? Also feathers show signs of wear, but use cock vane on nose for anchor. thanks.
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    So what exactly happens during the shot? Does the flipper arm fold down right after the release? or only if the feather hits it? Flipper arms have a slight angle or offset. How does this affect the arrow flight? If anyone has a link to a slow motion vid I like to see it. Thanks.
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    What differences can be expected? Right now I am shooting of a Nap flipper rest, but curious as to what benefits/advantage a plunger rest will give me or not.
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Have a few questions on the centerest flipper.First,when i sight down [look] at my arrow it appears that the arrow is facing to the left,not much but noticable.2nd there just aren't enough threads left to get it going back to the right for a more centered shaft.Any ideas on what's going on here...
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    So just for giggles, I moved my flipper rest 2 turns out from all the way in against riser where it was set prior. My groups seem to have improved. What did this do to my alignment or arrow spine? How far out can I take it?
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    Could someone post a couple of photos of their riser[both sides] would be nice of their centerest flipper.Just seems like i have way to much bolt on the opposite side and would like to compare pics. with someone who has this rest,my bow is GM1.Thanks,Rich
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    There have been several threads recently on this rest and some questions on how to shorten it. This wasn't my idea I believe I read it here in the classics section but, I have never seen pictures on it and can't find the original thread - as we all know a picture is worth 1,000 words. Pic #1 -...
1-18 of 48 Results