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    the farm we shot at is too small so we had to use 1000 grain arrows.
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    Still pretty new to this, and I'd like to buy a new string for my bow. It's a Jeffery Archery Royal hunter takedown that's around 20 years old. I've attached pictures of the front and back of the limbs. Can this bow handle the fast flight strings like the D97? Thanks in advance.
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    Here is a quote from LBG, made in a recent post that I don't want to hijack. I'm interested in more conversation, so am posting here. Thanks LongBowGuy I am trying to get functionally similar arrow trajectory out of (2) bows. I shoot 3 under with a fairly deep hook and a fairly high anchor...
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    Ivar Malde from Norway makes this look easy: Malde's shooting machine: As an aside, I've been looking on the Net at flight shooting out at the Wendover Utah salt flats. I am amazed at the level of dedication and commitment you lot have for this sport!
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    Brothers in arms, need your advice. In the process of tuning my HEX8’s for hunting, I’m having some issues. As you can see from the bareshaft/fletched with pink 4x3’ from 18meters, they fly like I want them to. The bareshaft slightly weak and nock high. With either broadhead and 4x4’ feathers, I...
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    I am trying out a fixed 20 or 25 yrd is crawl. So a few questions. This a 52# hunting rig with 610gr arrows that are 350 spine with 250 grains up front - 29.5” DL #1 - I am getting totally different arrow flight shooting right under the nock vs from my crawl position, (nock left / nock low)...
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    Hi all I recently made a warf bow with my old Darton SL 50 riser that I had been carting around for 30 years. I am a compound shooter and my knowledge of trad bows is very slim. I bought a set of samick sage 40lb limbs and after getting a friend to machine up a piece of nylon block to bring the...
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    . . . flight archery . . . Would my Scorpius bow be classed as a “Modern Asiatic” flight bow ? ? Scorpius G7 specifications: - Country of origin: Hungary - Bow strung length: 115cm (45") - Max draw length: 76cm (30") - Brace height: 15cm (6") - Bow mass: 250g - Minimum GPP: 9 @ 28", 10 @...
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    I need a fast flight string for my recurve. I was just gonna use 60x. I know I’ve seen comments on here about some of you guys making them. Any recommendations?
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    Hi all. I have a 17" Big Rock Pharos riser with medium SF foam carbon limbs. The limbs are tillered even as I shoot 3 under. I have a flipper rest and a "ghetto" plunger (foam padded piece of graphite to get it to centre shot). No matter what I do I get nock low flight. I started at about 1/2...
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    Anyone know what materials are used for the fastflight bowstring sold by Kustom King archery?
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    Has anyone tried Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) for flight arrow shafts ? Common Name(s): Poplar, Tulip Poplar, Yellow Poplar Scientific Name: Liriodendron tulipifera Distribution: Eastern United States Tree Size: 130-160 ft (40-50 m) tall, 6-8 ft (1.8-2.5 m) trunk diameter Average...
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    For SW BB target shooting is there a noticeable difference between them? I currently have 8125 on one bow and FF on another and I can't really tell the difference. The only thing I'm seeing is that the FF seems to be wearing out faster than the 8125. I've never tried 450+ so I have no clue...
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    I know flight archers are secretive bunch and keep their equipment specifications close to their chests. but i'd like to know if there's an optimum GPP for a wooden flight arrow.
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    Should be a fun weekend. And I am supposed to go turkey hunting. But new bow plus rain may just keep me shooting indoors. Lol
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    Got a new Grozer scythian biocomposite on the way, was just wondering if they can handle fast flight or dyneema type strings? I normally make my strings from 8125g and all my bows have them, including my Korean "horsebows". But the Grozer I ordered is my new biocomposite so not sure if it can...
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    In forum discussions on the internet with some rather high profile posters?...along with the urging of others who recognized I had possession of these two iconic bows that are very similar in specifications while over 1/2 century of time divides them?...I too thought it would be cool to pit them...
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    Questions about the flight of your arrow. Read this first.
1-18 of 133 Results