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    A friend get a couple of Decut Basha risers. They look great but when we put the limbs in the pockets, we saw that the limb is contacting the riser at the bottom of the ILF ferrule. You can see light between the limb and the riser on both sides of the ferrule. Is it how it is suposed to work...
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    I like the DAS system vs ILF, are there any other options for a 17" riser other than the Dalaa? I thought at one time Morrision was going to make DAS risers, even one in wood? Any idea if the Tribute will ever be offered in 17"?
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    Note on the fitting of Manchu thumb rings - The primary pressure should be the tip of the knuckle and the ball of the thumb (see picture : the red dots are the bearing surfaces of the ring) The actual interfaces from the string/thumb should be only resting to the thumb and ring. (see...
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    Ok so a set of minty Win&Win XQ-1's are now in my hands thanks to Willem. I'm having an issue fitting them to my Best Moon. The cut out slots are tight but fit ok, and the 'bottom' limb slips into place fine, but for some reason when I try and attach the 'top' limb it won't go in place all the...
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had fitted ILF dovetail plates to an existing wood riser? The link below shows an example of the product on the Trad Tech website: Has anyone got a photo or two of what they've...
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    I started the other thread about the Easton tribute arrows. I have a few in to test, seem really good so far. Just got my string in, and the Marco glue in nocks are too tight for my string. So, I've never done it before, but have heard of others doing it. Is there a way I can alter these nocks...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi I recently bought a second hand 15" Morrison Ilf riser that came with a tradtech wood grip. I would like another grip that fits this riser better. Can anyone tell me what grips fit this riser better. Thanks in advance.
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    In my ongoing fight against TP I am considering trying a clicker. Does anyone have experience of using one, setting one up right and good or bad results?
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    I noticed it a few days ago. When I draw, my bow makes the strangest creaking noise. I checked it all over, the limb butts are not touching the riser at all so I think its the ILF fitting. Anyone else have this problem, and maybe a solution?
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    Hello there, I've been getting more into metal risers so this seems to be the better forum. Thanks for all the advice and info you guys have posted. It's been very helpful to get me going. Since I can't seem to be putting down my Titan, I just bought a new-to-me Hoyt Elan 23"to play with. But I...
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    We just heard from one of our longbow limb customers that he's having trouble: "because the limb bolt on the Pinnacle riser has a head and a lip on the lower part of the bolt and the limb should slide between the two. The problem is that the limb is too thick to slide between the head and the...
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    I was reading this warning on the website of a reputable company that stated this warning: "Mix and Match Warning The basic principle of International fitting limbs and risers is for all items, regardless of manufacturer, to be interchangeable. However, due to the re-design of certain...
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    TITLE says it all, a lot of you tossed in your 2c worth & I appreciate your time & thoughts. It all led to my learning a few more points, & that's a good thing. Final thought is that the ILFfitting screws were never loosened, in fact are still real tight, so if I read it correctly, the limbs...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hello, first stab at removing ILF limbs from BB warf riser, forgot to be careful, lost one ILF fitting PIN, can I buy a sack of these, or what? ALSO, one limb kept it's pin intact in the fitting, do these come out typically or am I just LUCKY? ha Steve
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a few questions that I would like to see some thoughts about, concerning Wood risers being made to except OLY/FITA/ILF limbs. First: What do you think the Benefits are of using ILF limb in a "Hunting" situation with a Wood Riser? Second: What do you see are the...
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    Hi guys, Need some advice here.... (AGAIN) I need to make a call between ILF or DAS connections for my impending 21" Elite riser. I have had some experience with the ILF fittings since I've recently been shooting my Hoyt Gold Medalist. I unfortunately have no experience with DAS fitting limbs...
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    When you change limb fitting from ILF to Das fitting on Korean limbs like W&W, Samick, etc., the hole must be slightly enlarged from .358 to .372. Can I put the ILF fitting back after that? Thanks Martin
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    Just DAS-playing with a couple new-to-me sets of Hoyt limbs, Vector mediums and a set of FX longs. the Vector ILFs came out with no problem, an allen wrench disassembled them and they punched out as usual. My problem is the ILF on the FXs looks like it requires a special spanner to remove...
1-19 of 22 Results