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    I’m looking for some suggestions on some good quality spit finger tabs. I have been shooting three under but tonight I tried a split finger tab and I’m thinking of going that way. I need something not too thin with a spacer to help with my 64 year old finger joints.
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    Just wondering. It seems like they all shoot 3 under.
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    One interesting thing I have noticed about some tribal groups that use heavy, heavy longbows to hunt (e.g. Hadza, Waliangulu) is that they totally eschew finger protection. According to one study, draw weights roughly range from 70-95 pounds, and possibly higher. So, I tested it out for myself...
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    Hello All, Got a new PCH III 48# @28 just before Christmas. I wore the hair off my rest trying to tune her up. Used 500 and 400 spine arrows cut to 29" all the way down from 32" bare-shafting with tips from 150 to 250. Always got nock-high flight and bouncing off shelf. BH is set at 8 1/2"...
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    I believe I saw a thread about this here? I can’t seem to locate it so I will ask the question agian cause I seem to be having issues. I want to learn 3under using a tab but when I switch from my glove to my Black Widow tab my arrows go left, I am right handed, which shows to high spine. I tried...
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    Hey guys I have a weird situation. I have a bow and two grips. One causes no issue, but the other sends shooting pain through my ring finger instantly upon drawing the bow. It's not a major problem because I have the other grip, but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced anything like that?
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    I am getting back into Trad shooting after a 20 year layoff. I see that a lot of people are shooting 3 under these days. I have never tried it myself. What are the advantages to one over the other? Is there any reason for me to move from split finger to 3 under? I shoot instinctive.
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    I flipped from a glove back to a tab and the outside end of my ring finger is getting very sore. What am I doing? dragging my finger. Never had a problem with this before. Mike
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    Hello all, Recently got back into shooting when my uncle gave me his Ben Pearson recurve from the 60's. I'm noticing that arrow flight is much cleaner when shooting without the tab. Thoughts on that? I shot a ton in high school, pushing 20 years ago, mostly bare finger, but developed an...
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    Hi all, I am adding barebow to my archery competitive bag o’ fun, and am trying to switch from a glove to a tab so I can do string crawl. I shoot longbows now with an American Leathers Big Shot which is perfect for my fingers. It feels great. I’m trying to switch to a Yost tab with my...
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    As y’all know I went to Rick Welch’s school last week. Great experience. One issue I am really having trouble resolving is plucking the string. I also notice after shooting that my ring finger is usually sore. Makes me wonder if my ring finger is the culprit or an indicator that I’m plucking...
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    Bates makes a tab for two finger split but I don't think anyone commercially makes a glove for two finger shooters. With every glove I have had, to remove the ring finger destroys the glove. I just bought a Black Widow Stick tite glove that looks almost perfect for modifying. Of course you can...
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    Hi all, I have a question I haven’t found answered out there in the trad world… I shoot a 40 pound black widow Longbow (at my short draw length of 25”). I find that shooting three under my dead on distance is 25 yards. I can do 30 yards at 6 inches over, and 35 yards at a foot to 15 inches...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hej guys, I have found in some old thread a discussion where was mentioned that John Demmer III had a very good thread on above mentioned topic. Anybody from old wolfs here can help with the link? Perhaps John can help? Thanks a lot Dalib
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    I really don't get it. I mean, finger pinch. Every time someone brings up a topic, some recently, and it twists into something where SOMEONE brings up finger pinch, I cringe some, because, I literally don't get it. I understand it when proponents of longer bows say they are more accurate with ...
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    For the past year I have been getting pain/tenderness in the first knuckle of my middle finger on the hand I draw with. Not sure what could cause it, but I cant seem to get past it. I use a Rod Jenkins tab. I just ordered a Talon 4 from Roger but still want to get back to my normal tab if...
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    I can get a perfect bare shaft test shooting split finger, but can’t seem to get a good bare shaft test shooting three under. Anybody else have this issue? It shows I need to move the nock point up but to get what looks like a good up/down bare shaft, the nock point has to be ridiculously high...
1-17 of 166 Results