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  1. Bows
    This is my final push to complete my downsizing effort, so I'm pricing most of these items to move quickly. Items are for sale only unless you have a Sunset Hill longbow or something incredibly unique for trade. I'm only interested in shipping to CONUS. I have lots of photos of each item...
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    Will this be shown online?
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    In the "Comment" box... "These are Border Bows new "CVX" ILF limbs...they are 33# Mediums that are scaling 34#@28" and are putting my 300gr/8.825gpp VAP V1 arrows across the chronograph at 187-189fps." Vid link...
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    Scyth's bow wax . . . the final cut . . . Diameter = 48 mm Height = 23 mm Weight = 28.5 grams All natural & traditional ingredients . . . Regards, John
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    Doug aka, bikedog agreed to build me a competition bar, 23" and to top it off he had it ceramicoated. It is everthing i ever wanted in a "modern longbow". He overbuilt the grip so i could custom shape it myself. Teamed up with a set of Dryad LB limbs it shoots beautifully. I believe Doug is not...
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    This is what the snake longbow riser looks like after we stained and sprayed it with the final finish. This model however has already been sold but keep an eye out for the next addition to the "Traditional Tattoo Series" bows. Plenty more where this came from!
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    I'm about to leave and meet up with friends for our final Rove of 2014 .... pictures to follow
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    I wanted to share my experience shooting with Dewayne in the final round on Sunday. First off, I was nervous because up until that point we had never shot together, and had only spoke a few words up to that point. The first target wasn't nice to everyone in our group, and there was a sort of...
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    I've been following threads on the Carsage and as I recall the only thing I ever heard bad about then is with heavy weight - 60ish. Is that a good direction to send a beginner? Am I wrong in thinking that he could get a light set of limbs (30ish) and a heavy set (50ish) for about the same...
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    If you have one on order or were wanting one they are finally here. 5RH 2LH left. I get to keep 1 for myself, finally. I'm not trying to start a debate or anything else, just want anyone that has been waiting on the 13" they are here, I will be taking them to powdercoater this afternoon. So we...
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    Ladies and Gents, We are at Week 8 and the final week of the Fun Shoot. So, please join us over at the HBS and shoot the last challenge. Raging Matt
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    With the vote going to the #1 image, and with lots of feedback & suggestions, this is the final, that will be going on tee shirts. When I find a good & reasonably priced supplier I will let folks know, and we'll get started ordering. Rick
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    Well folks?..i've already owned this bow for a month now..unfortunately?..i shot the dickens out of it the first week or two to the point that i was ripping up my right shoulder a i backed off..hence why i haven't been posting much of late...think i've shot maybe 4 or 5 short sessions...
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    Final Descent Outdoors Traditional Shootout March 30, 2012 Hosted by Goddard Youth Camp in Sulphur, OK ***Classes include Recurve, Longbow (wood arrows only), Longbow open (any arrows), and Womens ***25 target course $15 dollars per round ***Two buckles will be awarded in each...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum's true...i finally bolted the 62"/42# limbs back on Mr. Lee with a fresh set of limb pad gaskets and the upgraded teflon coated alum. bolt bushings..but not before i mounted up a new shelf pad and strikeplate which i'm real proud of..mainly?..cause i had no idea what i was going to...
1-15 of 32 Results