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    I use a Bohning fletching jig and do okay adding or replacing 4" feathers on carbons. Also, I have bought cheap carbons at Walmart, stripped the vanes and added 4" feathers, which shoot great for practice. These are all 31", marked 350 spine. I mostly use 400 or 500 Gold Tip. Question. My...
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    I'm about to order some feathers and fletch my first set of arrows! I've got a Bitz jig, left helical clamp, and some Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite. All I need are feathers. Without price being any concern, what's your favorite feathers? My eyes are on Trueflight L/W Shield Cut in 5". Anything...
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    I shoot a locally made one peice bow 45 # made in the south west of australia where i live. About a year ago i switched to parabolic feathers becuse of reading they were faster and slightly quieter for hunting. I had 6 shafts with damadged feathers so i scaped them and glued some left over...
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    I believe these are TrueFlight. 50 grey barred and 100 pink. Brand new. 5" parabolic right wing feathers. Changing my setup since I went to heavier broadheads and don't need these. $75 shipped priority for the lot plus some miscellaneous extra 4" and 5" right wing feathers.
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    I like 4-inch shield cut feathers. But I'm curious if there is any real difference between Gateway and Trueflight brand. Gateway's seem to be less expensive. Maybe there is a reason?
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    Sorry to ask so many questions but I cant find a simple answer. How do I choose what feathers to put on my arrows? Is there a better size for beginners? I was going to order some from Lacaster but there was like 5 pages of options. I fletch my own veins for my compound but have never done feathers.
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    I am shooting a Tradtech Titan III with long recurve limbs, 35 lbs, 64 inch bow. I have a 29ish draw length. I am shooting Beman ICS Bowhunter 500s at 31 inches with 125 tip. I have a bear weather rest on the riser. With that said, for some reason I am tearing/wearing out the hen feather...
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    Looking for some quick opinions as I’m building an arrows after my first time bare shafting. Length and types of wraps and feathers? The arrows I learned on had simple 4” parabolic. Thanks!
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    Where can I find these for purchase, seem hard to locate on the web, heard lot of good things about them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was eyeballing these "Ozark 4.5" Target Maxx" feathers at LAS for awhile now but was apprehensive because of a lack of reviews and in the name of "Nothing Ventured/Nothing Gained"?...I ordered a 100 (50ea Red Fire/Golden Ember) to fletch up 2 Doz. ICS Hunter Pro shafts I recently caught on...
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    Hey everyone, where is the best place to buy natural feathers for fletching? IE uncut.......I would considered color dyed. tnx
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    Watching LAS and some of the World videos online. Seems like vanes may be majority, but there were still a surprising amount of people shooting with feathers. Is there a consensus on what is ideal? Or is it really about understanding their individual strengths.
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    I new to traditional archery and I am looking at feathers to do my carbon arrows. I have seen real cheap from China on eBay and real expensive ones. My ? Is what is a good quality brand for the money. Not wanting to spend what some brands cost but maybe a middle of the road cost. What is a good...
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    The height of fletching - “. . . the maximum height of the fletching needs to be about the diameter of the shaft . . .” - old adage from Asian archery That means a max height of about 5/16” to 3/8” for a diameter shaft of 5/16” to 3/8” . . . ( the standard store-bought fletching is about...
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    I usually use Trueflight. How do Ozark feathers compare. Looking at 3" paras.
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    Lowered my nock point to 5/16 and my 2 1/4 inch feathers are cutting my knuckle. Will longer feathers not cut my knuckle? Because the quill will be farther forward on the shaft. Thanks in advance
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    I wanted to fletch up a few arrows for yard practice. I am using 4 fletch 3" feathers. Didn't have any LW so fletched up a few RW using my LW clamp. I shot them alongside my arrows that were fletched with RW Clamp and feathers and to be honest I saw no difference in flight. Screwed on a 3...
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    I read the tiller thread that was posted on here a while back. I lowered my nock point significantly and zeroed my tiller. This is an attempt to quiet my bow. The bare shafts are flying great but the fletched shafts are cutting my buckle severely. Also causing poor arrow flight. If I raise my...
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    For fetching so the primary wing feathers (the longer one sided at the front of the wing). It's easier to cut them off with tin snips. I really just need the right wing but send both if you can't remember. I am especially interested in western (or any) birds that have more white than dark...
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    Just bought some 5 1/2 inch banana cut feathers. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts or experiences are when hunting with this type fletch. Is it louder than other fletcher types? And does it matter in hunting situations? Thanks in advance! Mike