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    Just wanted to say to Alan,Ren,Ben,Neil,Greg,Jimmy and Scott Bills...the ones that couldn't make it to Louisville we truly missed seeing you and spending time with you. If I missed anyone I apologize. Dewayne Martin
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    If your screen isn't too big you just about might be able to watch it in full-screen mode.
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    Fentiger said in another post; "The large coloured face has had a dramatic effect on my aiming confidence especially at 60yds v spot targets." I only shoot 20 yards, but I totally agree on this, whether it's a large or small or multi-coloured or 2 coloured target or even a pellet gun target...I...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Could anyone here please point me to a vendor selling the IFAA indoor 40 cm target faces? At least here in Europe they seem to be very hard to find. Thank you, -bm.
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    Oh dang I got my set of field targets from Lancasters today. geeeeze lousie the target marked 50 to 80 yds have a 5" (about) black center dot??? that is the 5 ring right? with an X that is about 2&1/2". now that is pretty challenging. the next 2 rings out are both white. the inner white ring...
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    I'm trying to find some place near me (live on Long Island, NY) where I can pick up an olympic sized saunders mat with a stand and target face so I can actually bring my own target to the free range near here and practice. Right now I've been shooting at mattresses in my backyard, and they're...
1-6 of 7 Results