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    The Quiet Eye and Point On . . . Interesting : Watch the video of Ronaldo for an object lesson. regards, John
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    From Bow International regarding - among other things - the Quiet Eye for archers : ------------------ The Quiet Eye "The Quiet Eye has five measureable characteristics. It is formally defined as the final fixation or tracking...
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    Can this be done? Right hand archer who is right eye dominant but shoots with both eyes open...can he learn to shoot a left handed bow?
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    I switched to my dominant eye (left eye) 4 years ago. Dropped down in draw weight from 70# to 33#. Found out about something called “string-blur” and that I was over drawing to the side of my face. In my mind I was thinking “what the heck are people talking about, I don’t see no string-blur”...
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    Do you shoot your trad bow with one eye open & the other closed or with both eyes open? I shoot with both open.
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    Who here shoots cross dominant ,and how do you do it ? I myself shot cross dominant for about 20 yrs then I hit 40yrs an had to change hands to shoot with my dominant eye. Now I want to change hands back to the right, but there will be this cross dominant thing going on again. ????????????? John
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    So my friend had me do some tests today and he claims that I’m left-eye dominant. I have better vision out of my left eye also. I’ve always done certain tasks ambidextrously but shoot right handed. I ALWAYS miss left, especially when gap shooting. If I miss I miss left, not right. Maybe part of...
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    The quiet eye in archery (a scientific approach): regard John
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    . . . the quiet eye phenomenon . . . Very interesting regards, John
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    My son is right handed but left eye dominant - I'm thinking of getting him into archery and there are 2 schools of thought... one says shoot based on the hand dominance, and the other says shoot based on the eye dominance! I'm more thinking of teaching him an aiming system so my instinct...
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    I had been shooting instinctively in the past. I now gap shoot but I am left eye dominant and right handed. I started closing my left eye and it worked but not great. I now have both open and I see two arrows and just superimpose the one on the left over the target. Is this typical? this seems...
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  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Like the title says, My bare shafts are hitting exactly where I look and flying great out to 25 yards. My feathered shafts (3x4" RW Parabolic) are consistently hitting a few inches left. I've been shooting 3 of each to make sure I'm being consistent. I'm not new to bareshaft tuning but in my...
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    I have been a 1 eye shooter (with progressive eye glasses so everything is blurry). When I reach anchor I slowly move the tip of the arrow up towards the spot I need to aim at. When I reach it, I loose the arrow. One eye closed, and the arrow tip is as clear as I can get it and the target is...
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    Thought to comment on a distinct threshold I had crossed in my search for accuracy. My archery reached a fairly satisfying level using a dead release. I was aware of the accepted system of follow through (dynamic release) but my beat up (tradesman) 58 yr old body convinced me to do otherwise...
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    I do. I do not. I do something else.
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    I have a hard time focusing the tip of the arrow with both eyes opened. Does anyone aim with only one eye opened? I've always shot a recurve with both eyes open and I could see the arrow in my peripheral vision. Using the tip of the arrow is like shooting a shot gun for me. I'm much better with...
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    So I got a bit of the industrial sanitizer (oxyvir very diluted) in my right eye last night so it's a bit out of commission until I get to an optometrist. Being right handed I can foresee this making shooting my bow a bit...inaccurate to say the least. Yet I don't want to stop shooting so I...
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    Does anyone shoot with just one eye open .I was shooting instinctive ,but I am trying to gap .I have a hard time keeping my point focused on the target with both eyes .
1-19 of 88 Results