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    In the spirit of honoring those who came before us... Note the depiction of multiple bow types (D longbows, short curved bows, longer recurved bows), archers leaning into the bow, dynamic follow-throughs, holding arrows in the bow hand with points up (just like in modern tribal groups)...
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    Did Gallic, Celtic and Germanic tribes use the bow in everyday warfare? And what type of bow would that have been? I spotted one source on the Web that speculated they used composite bows. But that doesn't really make sense in the wet environment in mainland Europe, nor Brittania. We know the...
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    Enjoy, highlights from Qualification Round - 1 at the World Archery 3D Championships at Mokrice-Catez, Slovenia that's currently ongoing. Regards, James.
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    Just saw the article as they prepare to leave for the tournament. Photo is in article:
  5. Watering Hole
    is this the year for David to slay Goliath, or what? i never watched soccer (football) until the last World Cup. (i STILL don't understand what constitutes offsides in the game:confused:) but i have avidly watched the Copa of the Americas, & have had a ball watching Italy put Spain out, Iceland...
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    After arriving Sunday, with the equipment inspection/official practice/opening ceremony held yesterday, today the Championship kicks off with the 24 Target Unmarked round. The format is an Unmarked round and then a Marked round. This decides the top 16 archers to go on to the Eliminations...
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    Didn't realize how much the Europeans contribute to archery here in the states. Is their technology directly related to our ingenuity and research? Not trying to belittle their success but just looking for some history in the high tech stickbow......................Ray
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    Belong to a club that has a summer 3D unmarked evening shoot often with some very very long shots and very few close [under 30yd shots]. No complaints from me but my yardage guesstimation is hardly stellar, have been known to be 45 yards off on a 40 yard shot. Flatter may also lessen number...
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    the distance from the tip of my nose to the tip of my chin is 2&7/8". this is about the longest crawl I have notice in the pics posted on the thread. is this about the longest crawl used by low anchor string walkers?
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    Estonia: Facts about Estonia Geographically, Estonia is on the north-eastern edge of the European Union, bordering Russia and Latvia. Finland is a short hop across the sea - just 80 km away. There are ferries to Tallinn from Helsinki (Finland) or Stockholm (Sweden). Estonia is in...
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    This competition started today. 863 archers will shoot over 4 sessions. The first two have been shot today. An earlier start tomorrow will allow the second two sessions plus the elimination rounds to be shot, reducing the top 16 down to the top 4 for Sundays final rounds. As you might expect...
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    It has already begun. Sunday 25 August 2013 Arrival of teams and Accreditation Unofficial practice Monday 26 August 2013 Terni City / Meadows of Stroncone Accreditation Official practice Equipment inspection Team Captain's meeting Opening Ceremony Tuesday 27 August 2013 1st...
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    Krzysiek, a club member, is travelling from the UK home to Poland by car on Tuesday and would like to take his bow kit with him. Are there any border restrictions regarding this? Will he need a document from the club or some other UK authority-? Would be most grateful for some info re this:)...
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    Good start for Latvian Longbow Edwards Lapsins 254 and 256, he shot in Estonia a couple of weeks ago and won with a great 260 score and lady from Spain Encarna Garrido Lazaro in the lead with 239 and 247 (IBO/WA 3D world champ) Great shooting guys and girls.
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    Will be held in Tallinn, Estonia summer of 2014. :highfive:
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    The European 3D Championships kick off today with the arrival of the first delegations at Trakoscan, Croatia. Located in the north of what used to be Yugoslavia, Trackoscan is near the border with Slovenia , which separates it from the eastern part of the northern Italy. The countries of the...
1-16 of 32 Results