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    Just got back from another fun filled week in Denton Hill Pennsylvania.Some one asked sitting around the campfire one night how long we had been coming.I wasn't sure,so I had to check my buttons.1995 was the oldest dated button I have and one red one with no date on it.Thats 24 years of friends...
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    This is my 2018 ETAR otherwise known as DENTON HILL single string archery shoot video E.T.A.R. is the largest shoot of its type in the world. I have been blessed to know some of the very best Archers in the world. They just happen to also be some of the best shots :) If you've ever wondered...
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    Found this recently. I like the way the editor included slow motion arrow flight, and the choice of music was cool. Joel Turner even has a cameo, and you wil see "The Push" on a guy's hat. This shoot is on my bucket list.
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 33 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Joek Turner of Ironmind Hunting and Tom Clum Sr of RMSGear. We use their experience coaching hundreds of archer at ETAR as a case study to discuss the top ailments we traditional archers have and some solutions...
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 32 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Drew and Andy Kohlhofer of Selway Archery and Logan Glassburn reviewing the two epic weekends we recently had at IBO Traditional World Championship as well as the weekend spent at ETAR Denton Hill. We also bring...
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    I wasn't going to video to much this year at Denton and didn't even bring my bigger camera out. In fact I didn't video anything the whole first day. So many people came up and thanked me for the prior videos I kinda felt bad :) so on Saturday I started videoing using my small camera I use for...
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 31 of The Push Podcast. We spent the evening with Joel Turner and Tom Clum Sr discussing our big plans for our shared booth at ETAR Denton Hill as well as tackle a big back log of listener questions. We also bring South Cox of Stalker Stickbows back for the...
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    We just dropped a quick video of the 2016 ETAR event (Denton hill) on YouTube. Unfortunately the rain prevented us from getting more in filming day. Can't wait for Denton next year!
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    Anyone else planning to attend ? I will be driving down on Wednesday. Hope to stay till Sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well here is my video of this years ETAR @ Denton Hill I was blessed this year to have the Turners Joel and BODIE fly in to my home and be my guest We camped behind my buddy Rays Cabin a Denton and we had a blast I'm in a hurry to get to work so.......much more to come and many pics also One...
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    I will be at ETAR this weekend from Thursday through Sunday, hitting the courses with some good friends! If you try to call, email, or message me I won't be able to reply until Monday. If you are going to ETAR, I will be wearing green Omega T-shirts all weekend, please feel free to stop me! I'll...
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    We are packing up today and headed out at Zero dark thirty in the morning on our way to Clarksville, TN for this week and then on to Coudersport, PA for next week. Will be checking voicemails and emails when coverage is available. Mike
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    WILL the ski lift be working at 2015 July 2015 Denton ETAR traditional archery shoot?
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    Does anyone know the dates for etar 2014
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    We are packing up this morning to head out to the IBO Trad Worlds and ETAR next week. Hope to see a bunch of old friends and meet some new ones. Stop by the booth and check out the new bows. Mike
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    Hi Everyone, Looking for some help here. I was at the ETAR this weekend and bought a handful of those foam targets (boar, possum, squirrel and woodchuck) and I didn't get the guy's card. They take arrows really well and was looking to get a couple more. Anyone know the name of this vender, so...
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    For those that are trying to get ahold of us, we are headed out to ETAR in a few minutes. We will be checking messages until we get there. But there is no cell coverage at the shoot. So we will be in the cloud for a few days. See you there!! Mike
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    Denton Hill (ETAR) is just two weeks away. I am planning on thursday and friday. Who is going? John
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    Just a few days away. Who is going. I will be there on Thursday and Friday. Stickbowhtr is going also. Going to commute from Camp a long drive but VERY QUIET! Look forward to seeing some TradTalk folks. John
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