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    Hi, I have been trying to contact Border by email, but get on answer. We tryed both emails (Duncan´s and Ann´s). Do anyone know if there is any problem with their emails? Thanks Martin
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    I am a lucky guy. Going to Compton this weekend and had hoped to have my new Black Douglas but it did not look like it was coming together... Till this morning! In my email I got a message that my bow was ready to leave Border for a Wednesday delivery. Perfect! Will post pic's and a review...
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    Hi guys please be aware I have just received a scam email through the Tradtalk personal messages. Could any mods please check it out in my personal messages. Thanks
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    I think most know we have been moving? e-mails have been screwed up... If anyone needs to get me e-mail: [email protected] .... Windstream has cost me lots $$$ in lost e-mails and I know many are upset about me not getting back to you. Stick with me, Its starting to smooth out a bit. It will...
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    New e-mail: [email protected]
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    just to give folks the heads up. we are recieving about 70 emails a day. this is causing delays in our responce times. we have our production running on time at 8-10 weeks. but please be patient we are getting through the backlog as well as the incoming emails. if you just want to check up on...
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    Can people waiting on replys please bare with us, we have alot of traffic at the moment. we are running about 2-3 days in backlog on some emails. Any payment or delivery enquiries will be answered quicker by the person who handles payment and deliveries [email protected] thanks for the...
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    Hi all, I'd like to buy a Bateman finger tab for barebow (model BBTC3) but I don't know how to contact them via email. Could please someone help me? Do they sell to foreign customers (I'm from Italy)? Thankyou very much! Bye Francesco
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    Got an email from Mike at Dryad Bows and my ACS-RC limbs are in the finish booth! Really looking forward to stringing them up on my Gen3 Morrison 13". No pictures will follow BUY your own! LOL Thanks Mike Jason and John! Connie TOO! John
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    Can anyone help ? Received a bow from 21st century (Milton Callaway) yesterday and have tried to email him today to resolve some problems with it, but the email came back to me undelivered. Does anyone have another address or know if he has a problem at the moment - need to notify him asap. Thanks
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    We are having problems replying to some people, (not all people) and it looks like its, have BT (british telecom) down as a spammer. Hank Walker, and Bill Carlsen are the two main problem email addresses we have at the moment. If your using a Comcast email address and havent...
  12. Watering Hole
    Sorry if you were a recepiant of any illicit email from my [email protected] account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an enemy in Madison County Ark that I am working on getting prosecuted for this??? If I can prove it? Lost my intermet for a while/will be back up later?:)
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    ....I wanted to get your attention. When you get the email you will understand.
  14. Decommissioned
    For those that have been intouch with my mum, Ann, you will know that she has been stressed over the past year. A year to the week, Her Mum, My Gran took a bad stroke, and has battled hard to recover. She lost the battle this morning. We will do our best to handle all the comunications in due...
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    Due to being an officer in our new traditional club, I am also a member of NFAA as many of you are too. I get the magazine, fan through it and toss it due to no traditional coverage. In a recent issue they asked for input to improve their publication so here is what I sent. I would encourage...
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    Hey everyone! Can someone please help me? ive got a problem: i cant email saxon archery mfg, because my standard email client isn`t configurated correctly. Can anyone take a look, so i can email them about the a/t? Kthxbai! (Ok, thanks, bye!)
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    I just found this in my in box a few minutes ago. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ABS - Carbon Tech - Win & Win Join Forces Alaska Bowhunting Supply, Carbon Tech, and Win&Win Archery have formed a new group called Advanced Archery Products. By sharing...
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    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone at the TRAD STORE is answering email? I have sent a couple of messages about buying a tab or maybe some Cordovan to make some of my own tabs and haven't heard a reply either time. Is the store still open and if it is, what do I have to do to get some...
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    Does anyone have an email address for him, you can PM me if you don't want to post it publicly.
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    does anyone know what either of their email address's are? thanks!