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    Ok ladies and gentlemen. During the field course in Yankton I noticed my gaps had changed. Seems I was dropping out of the target at longer distances. I will be the first to admit, my gaps were not solid same with form, switching from split finger to 3 under 2-3 months out wasn’t the best...
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    So can some on help me explain how gaps change in regards to the elevation of the target. I shoot split finger so my gaps are pretty big and I am finding that my gaps are different depending on the elevation of the target. As an example: indoors at 10 yds my gap is zero and the bullseye is 43...
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    Shooting today I had a horrible time with elevation. I can get the arrow to hit on a centerline but lots of issues with hitting high or low by 2-4 inches. I know without pics or video it is difficulty to see what I am doing wrong. But any brainstorming would be helpful. BTW i am shooting...
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    I've been working on various aspects of my shooting, looking for inconsistencies. I'm still stringing shots vertically. It has been suggested that my finger pressure on the string is inconsistent, which may lead to this. Okay, so is my elbow position at full draw important to keeping my finger...
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    How do you "train" for getting your elevation down snug and consistent? I'm all over the place at 15 & 20 yards, a darn tree-rat could climb up my arrow shafts like it was a ladder.
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    I have seen a thread on this topic but could not find it. Do any of you guys mark your riser for elevation? How does it work with three under? Lower marks closer to the rest I would suppose. Put up a picture of your marks if you can, and ideas on how to mark it.
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    Rusty's thread on sights sparked this one. Bear with me while I attempt to get the facts straight. If you think I've got them right, I'll tell you what they might mean in practical terms. Now, in Rusty's thread, there was talk of sights showing up your form glitches, and there's certainly no...
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    Been noticing lately that my bow cant affects the elevation of my shot. I.e., if I'm near vertical, the shot is low, if I'm canted about 15 degrees, shot is pretty good. Is this normal or the sign of a badly tuned arrow? Thanks, Tony
1-8 of 8 Results