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    :deadhorse I know, I know, another dead horse, but gleaning bits and bobs from the Net, I came up with the following: "If your arrow is acting stiff, raise the brace height. A higher brace height will slightly slow the arrow due to the reduced power stroke." Given: a non-ILF recurve bow...
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    Is going with longer limbs a good way of getting that longer bow when you can't get a longer riser? For example, I've got a 21" riser with medium (24") limbs. Would long (25") limbs get the same effect as getting a 23" riser?
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    I have about 29.5 inch draw length. Been using long limbs on 17” riser and work great. Thinking about a 19” or 21” riser for 3D. Wondering if I could get by with med limbs on longer riser to prevent bow from getting so long. Not sure if the limb pocket angles on longer risers change enough to...
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    I have been debating buying a bernardini cobra for a 3d rig, and noticed how high the plunger hole is. what effect will this have on point on and the ergonomics of the bow. it seems like the grip is designed so that the hand is closer to the shelf so maybe that makes up for the difference in...
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    I shoot off of the shelf. My bare shaft runs tail low due to positive limb tiller. Say the nock height is 1/2". If I go to a thicker pad effectively raising the rest height, and keep the same nock height of 1/2", what does this do to arrow flight due to tiller? Make it behave like a lower or...
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    hi One of my arrows is around a cm (0.39 ") shorter than my other arrows how much would that effect my shooting regards Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    I'm messing around with a new riser that is pretty much straight to slightly reflexed. Should I expect the brace height to be an inch or so lower? And the effective draw length an inch longer? The arrows I had on hand where to light of spine, and the masking tape nock kept walking around, so...
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    I was wondering how raising or lowering the elevation of an arrow rest or shelf effects tuning? I'm particularly interested in how rest height effects point on distance, fixed crawl and tiller adjustment.
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    Today I installed the X-Spot 12oz barebow riser weight ( on my Samick Athlete 23 inch riser (40lb, medium tradtech black max carbon limbs). I thought I would share my first impressions since in another month I will...
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    Hello! I'm shooting a 70", RH, 35 lb SF Forged+ w/ Axiom limbs and I use Easton PP 2016 arrows with NIBB-points. I have noticed that at about 20 yards, which is about an inch and a half of crawl, my arrows tend to act really inconsistent and the grouping gets quite big. However, when I shoot a...
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    There are many events that set our life on a particular course. Some have little impact overall, some have a profound effect by setting in motion a series of events that lead to who you ultimately become. This story is not about archery, but it could be. I am sure many of you have similar...
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    Does my arrow become slightly stiffer the farther back I place my fletching?
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    I have been trying to set my fatal styk up for 3 under instead of split finger. The arrows that I have been using 2115 28" 145 up front fly great with split finger. With 3 under the fly left I am Left handed. Is this normal to need a stiffer arrows for 3 under? :sbrug:
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    This is probably just taking the long way around to the obvious. But I thought I'd throw it out there and also see if anyone experiences something different from this or can give suggestions on my calculations. I am not taking arrow trajectory into account in a sophisticated way, and to see...
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    Been beavering away to get my bow grip stable/consistent & finally nailed down what look to be torque effects of a J-draw vs drawing directly to the rear - yellow Lt nocks are J-draw vs orange nocks from straight rearward draw which are on target (20 yds) .. don't know if anyone else has seen...
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    Im right handed and have a bow with an adjustable strike/side plate. The arrows im shooting now, Show stiff about 3" left of bull at 25 yd. I really dont want to load the tip any more ( Im at 150gr) can i move my center shot to achive anything or should i just get weaker spined arrows.
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