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    Quick guide on how to reinforce your axis arrow and get the most durable set up possible. You will be able to insert tune with this method. Requires an ironwill impact collar and some know how. But just take a look and consider the information. If you find it relevant to your arrow build I hope...
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    Anyone know if you can use the gold tip inserts with Easton arrows. I want an arrow with a fact type system for tuning. Is there something like the Fact system in other arrows?
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    I'm looking into getting some Easton ACCs for my indoor Barebow setup. My specs are below. Any help with the ideal arrow spine, arrow length and point weight will surely be appreciated! Actual draw weight - 32# to 34# AMO draw length - 26" String walking Barebow indoor Thank you and Happy New...
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    I'm about to try making my own strings and I've been trying to find info about number of stands and serving to fit various Nocks. I have new spools of D97 and halo 0.019. If I'm remembering correctly my current strings are both 14 strand flemish from 3 rivers. No idea the serving material...
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    I'm planning to set up some 600 Axis shafts and came across these halfout inserts which I think would work well for me as the full length 600's are about 1/2" too short for me. Has anyone used them? They make an aluminum version (25gn) and a stainless steel version (125gn).
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    for some reason i suspect the iodizing on the aluminum i cant get fletching to bond to my legacy shafts without leaving them in the jig for a long time. i sanded the shaft and cleaned them well with denatured alcohol and still those suckers don't like to adhere. i have used multiple glues. i...
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    I’m going to be trying some Easton axis 5mm shafts. I want to strengthen the ends up. Can I tune first then add the aluminum footing or will I have to tune with it? Also after I add the footing what size points can I use? I ask because I shoot a bag target all the time and arrows will hang up...
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    Got a new Dz trad only arrows - they shoot really well - Just wondering if anyone shoots these arrows and how you like them -
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    I’ve been tinkering with these two arrows, out of my KM for a couple weeks now. I’m shooting 225 grain points and both arrows are 29.5” in length. I’ve shot the 340’s, with the 225 points from my Kodiak Hunter and they shot great but from the KM they’re flying erratic. When I release(3 under)...
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    I was wondering what points you are using and what inserts? I got a half dozen from LAS and the inserts they gave me leaves a ridge on the arrow that gets caught on the fabric of my target. And the point makes it even worse. Anything thin enough to use on this shaft without causing a ridge?
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    Easton has released a limited edition autumn orange in the FMJ. Throwback arrow which is awesome. There is a UV reflection off the silver decal. I plan to cover it with base and cresting. In case you missed it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need input on which to choose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I shot these for a long time and really like them. I am finally getting low on my inventory of 500 and 460's. Anyone know a source for these. Need at least 30"
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    I keep reading that Easton recommends these ranges for hunting medium game (deer and antelope) and bigger game (pigs, elk and black bear): 25-41 foot pounds for deer and antelope 42-65 foot pounds for pigs, elk and black bear Shooting a recurve (or longbow) , I will never get close to the 42...
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    Whats the story with these shafts? I cant really shoot them, all my stuff seems to require 400 spine and they only come in 500 & 600. I see 3R has a one day sale, $20 off for 6. $40 for 6 fully fletched arrows seems like a good price if they are a good arrow. Yeah they have pink fletchings, but...
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    I just acquired a like new Hoyt Easton Spectra 1000. I got a new string and adjusted the draw length to 29 inches at home. I'm adding a peep and a d loop. I may shoot it with a Cavalier Elite tab or a release or fingers, time will tell. I am facing the close to center riser window issue because...
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    I've always used Easton aluminum arrow shafts (or wood) but I have decided to give carbon shafts a try. Looking at the Easton 2015 hunting shaft catalog I saw only one shaft in 5/16" diameter a too stiff for me dangerous game model. What a totally bewildering array of components. The Axis...
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    They used heat shrink for wraps on their G3N3 Axis Shafting? I epoxied H.I.T. inserts into (2) dozen new shafts yesterday...the slow 24 hour stuff that comes with their inserts...and waited...looking forward to a glorious day of fletching them up my newly purchased RW clamp all...
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    how good is a easton 480 hexx arrow in long bow