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    Quick guide on how to reinforce your axis arrow and get the most durable set up possible. You will be able to insert tune with this method. Requires an ironwill impact collar and some know how. But just take a look and consider the information. If you find it relevant to your arrow build I hope...
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  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone know if you can use the gold tip inserts with Easton arrows. I want an arrow with a fact type system for tuning. Is there something like the Fact system in other arrows?
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    I'm looking into getting some Easton ACCs for my indoor Barebow setup. My specs are below. Any help with the ideal arrow spine, arrow length and point weight will surely be appreciated! Actual draw weight - 32# to 34# AMO draw length - 26" String walking Barebow indoor Thank you and Happy New...
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    I'm about to try making my own strings and I've been trying to find info about number of stands and serving to fit various Nocks. I have new spools of D97 and halo 0.019. If I'm remembering correctly my current strings are both 14 strand flemish from 3 rivers. No idea the serving material...
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    I'm planning to set up some 600 Axis shafts and came across these halfout inserts which I think would work well for me as the full length 600's are about 1/2" too short for me. Has anyone used them? They make an aluminum version (25gn) and a stainless steel version (125gn).
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    for some reason i suspect the iodizing on the aluminum i cant get fletching to bond to my legacy shafts without leaving them in the jig for a long time. i sanded the shaft and cleaned them well with denatured alcohol and still those suckers don't like to adhere. i have used multiple glues. i...
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    I’m going to be trying some Easton axis 5mm shafts. I want to strengthen the ends up. Can I tune first then add the aluminum footing or will I have to tune with it? Also after I add the footing what size points can I use? I ask because I shoot a bag target all the time and arrows will hang up...
1-8 of 159 Results