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    Really works great and there is a link in the description. shalom
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    I'm trying to follow some instructions on making an endless loop bowstring. If a non-stretching string is used, the instructions say add 10mm to the length. If Dacron is used, then it will stretch and no additional length needs to be added. I have a Dyneema SK78 string called DynaFLIGHT 10. Is...
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    this company is in Richmond BC I ordered 3 feet today for my bow silencers. They just about flipped.....what the heck could I BE USING only 3 FEET OF 1/4" ROPE FOR. Well I explained it and she still didn't get it ...but it's on it's way. Thanks Grantmac...
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    I recently bought a six-strand D-10 string for my [email protected] r/d longbow. It is beautifully made, with dacron padded loops. When it is good, it is very, very good... But, it is creeping like crazy. I have had it for about three weeks. When I first strung the bow and ran 50-60 shots through it, I...
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    I hope I do not interfere with tradtional string material concept now: Has anybody of you ever tried the latest braided dyneema fishing lines as string material. Or am I totally outdated on that. I have a few fishing lines made of braided fibres and they are awfully strong and narrow. My 8125...
1-5 of 6 Results