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    So I have been contemplating the purchase of a dozen arrows. On e bay I can get a dozen gold tip blems for 60 delivered. My issue is, do I go with a 500 or 400 spine. I've played with the dynamic spine calculator and if I go with a 500, I'll need to go with low point weight and cut back arrows...
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    Say I have a bow that's draw weight is 30 pounds at my draw length 26 inches. How does the bowyer achieve this? Are the limbs shorter? And if someone with a draw length of 27 drew this bow would it damage it? Or is the bows draw length actually made to a standard 28" draw length and it is just...
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    Was in effect today as man?....I swear....the older I get?...the more it seems somebody swapped out my daily multi-vitamins for stupid pills! :lol: Get this... So here I am rather pleased with my high end W&W BB rig tuning in these full length .600 spine VAPs...and since I was getting stellar...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    I often read here “my indoor setup is … blah blah blah blah “ and “my outdoor arrows are … blah blah blah blah “. My question is, when you say indoor, are you referring to “short distance” or are you referring to “no wind”? And when you say outdoor, are you saying “long distance” or are you...
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    Hi all, So, I have a rear stab and bushings front and back gripside of each limb pocket. So, I can screw 5 more toys into a riser of mine. I was looking at some mini doinker type dampeners or some bowjax. Before, I spend money on these, will sticking dampeners all over the place help a bit...
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    Gotta be One of them
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi friends, I’ve read and seen videos about this subject but just want to clarify once and for all the procedure: 1) shoot current fletched arrows at 20yd using the correct crawl for that distance 2) compare that with bareshaft of exactly the same configuration (minus fletching) shot exactly...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I have been shooting at the indoor range trying to get stamina built up. I kept track of the score compared to two pair of glasses. 1. Progressive Nikon lens $325. 2. The dumb and dumber glass. With 1&1/4 diaopter on the main lens and bifocal on left lens. Right eye shooter. At 20 yards...
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    The guy in the pic, top left of your screen, how does he shoot with a hat on?
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    are foam core limbs as susceptible to twist as wood core limbs? Thanks, Dave
  11. Watering Hole well I am not a genius is all I have to say....but then I knew that going in. Jer
  12. Warfin' Wall
    has anyone ever just removed the ILF hardware from the limbs and affixed the stock rockers from a BB riser on the limbs?
  13. Warfin' Wall
    I'm just learning about the warfing. When looking for a riser to warf, how do you measure the riser length. Are you checking the distance between the limb bolts? or the overall length of the riser. Also, are the ILF and DAS fittings changeable for a bow- just bolt in a plate for ILF and take off...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    The weather rest on a friend's bow that he loaned to me broke and I am replacing it. The one I bought has foam backing material with a white peel off sticker and an additional, separate backing pad with two peel off stickers (one white, one red). Is the second one just an extra, or do I need...
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    Probably sacrilege too... Well I've got my bow set up (thanks Rasyad!) and I've got a good number of things to work on with my form (thanks again Rasyad!). Thing is, Rasyad pointed out that I need a lighter bow while I work on my form. My current set up, for those who haven't been following or...
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    I have been thinking about getting another set of limbs for my Quinn Stallion. Does anyone make limbs to fit a Quinn riser? I was thinking about some other type of wood under clear glass.
1-16 of 28 Results