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    Got a Dorado(ILF convert) that I love. I have shot it for several years, but as of late a interested in changing out the grip. Any suggestions? I have seen the Jagers but not a lot else. Don't want something really big but something with a little more shape, maybe something customizable.
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    Did Hoyt use a name for the limbs that came with the Dorado and Gamemaster? I have searched for the last half hour and can't find any information. I'm well aware that ILF can be converted and vice versa, but that isn't what I'm interested in finding. I'm just trying to firm up my knowledge base.
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    I am looking at getting some Dryad Epic recurve limbs for my Dorado riser. I will be doing th bushing swap since my dorado is not warfed. I’m shooting for 51-53# at 28” with medium limbs. Just curious what limb weights you guys are getting on the dorado with Dryad recurve limbs. I have had a...
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    Two years ago I bought a Hoyt Dorado riser with the intention of having an ILF conversion done. I decided to go with the the bolt down ILF limbs instead. I was thinking ILF again when a question came up that I didn't think of before and I don't recall seeing it addressed. How are the tiller...
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    Hey guys I am looking for LocDo (jonhdo). I saw some of his ilf work on a dorado and I would like to get in touch to see if he can work on my dorado Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am working on converting my ILF SF Premium Plus Carbon limbs to a Hoyt Dorado riser, by changing out the factory bushing. I have not yet put the limbs in a vice to push out the existing factory bushing. After readying the limb for this, I notice that although the hole for the bushing is 3/8"...
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    Some archers such as Scooter and Jim Casto have shown us how easy it is to convert ILF limbs for use on a Hoyt Dorado or Gamemaster riser . You just change out the factory bushings and replace them with bushings that will fit those risers:
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    Hi are limb bolts the same thread size on all bows ? as id like a pair of antler limb bolts for my dorado ? cheers Dan
  9. Warfin' Wall
    I'm a big fan of Hoyt Ergo grip, and I love the Dorado riser too. It took about 30 minutes to fit the Ergo grip to the Dorado riser. They're a sweet combo. I love it.
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    Shop I help out at and shoot at showed me this. What an abstract cool now. Larry H if you see this I am curious on design and theory behind it
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    Been thinking about getting a Dorado riser and putting ILF limbs on it with Dorado bushings. Just wondering if the higher end ILF limbs perform well on this riser or are they sluggish compared to other ILF risers. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
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    I am trying to decipher why stock Dorado limbs are considered limbs that are cheap and stack. Why many swap out the stock set for other types of limbs and go through time and effort with removing ILF fittings out and putting in pieces of copper/plastic glue in to fit the riser? I understand...
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    Can yo use an ILF limb on a Dorado if you remove the ILF bushings? What does it do to the marked poundage as compared to the same limb on an ILF riser?
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    What is the gain of dryad LB limbs on the dorado? they say [email protected] Do you know what they gain or lose with limbs marked for 25?
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    I have an opportunity to buy a Dorado riser and would like to put TT ilf limbs on it. Once that's done is it strictly a bolt down? If tiller is off can it be adjusted with spacers between the limb and the riser? Any replies to my inquiries would be much appreciated. Or would I be further ahead...
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    Most posts and recommendations about the TT Longbow limbs suggest a much higher brace height - typically 7.5" - 8.5". I'm running the TT Limbs on a Hoyt Dorado, and swapped out the ILF bushings (so its bolt down) and for those of you considering a similar setup: - Fixed crawl at about 3/4"...
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    I've been intrigued with long bow limbs - and always wondered why some hunters preferred them. I didn't want to a drop a whole of money to find out, but a Dorado riser came up and I picked up some of the entry level wood/glass LB limbs from Lancaster in my 35#. My first impressions... looks...
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    I thought I would start a new thread about my favorite riser. Modifications to the riser were mentioned in the previous thread, I believe making it ILF compatible. Can someone expand on this, and discuss the advantage/disadvantages of the conversion. My original thread was started to find a...
  19. Warfin' Wall
    Looking for someone to machine [dovetail slot] a Dorado for ILF limbs. Was very impressed with work done by jonhdo. Please does anyone know who does work comparable to jonhdo and is willing to do it for a fee. Not interested in plates. thanks
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    I was always a Hoyt fan and recently have been intrigued by the Dorado. I would like to hear from guys who shoot one. I would not be using the Hoyt limbs as they are too short for me. Looking to equip a Dorado riser with a set of 45+# Carbon Extremes I have on my Titan II. Any issue with it...