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    I've only known 3 guys doing good WARF riser conversions..... last I knew none of the 3 are still doing conversions. JONHDO, Broadside, and Sam. Tell here if you know of anyone currently taking riser work on? Thanks in advance......
  2. Warfin' Wall
    I tried getting in touch with Loc, but he’s taking a break during this COVID thing. I have a Pearson I’d like to have machined and he’s the best. Anyone else out there doing like he does? Thanks in advance for the knowledge!
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    New year tradition to shoot some arrows, shot these cold with no warm up shots, 15 to 65y every 5 yards, kept the line with just a few low shots. It was nice to get some shots in, it's been difficult recently with fatigue and pain. Today was good day with a positive outlook for 2019
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    Back in the old days . . . a man was buried with his bow : A reproduction of the Karakaba burial . . . Kimek Tribe. (Turkic) Amazing work . . . 🏹 John
  5. Camp Kitchen
    This is how we make breakfast congee 6 Cups of Water (or Chicken/Pork Soup) 2-4 cups of Rice (Long Grain White Rice, soaked over night) 1-2 cups of Minced Pork, marinated and made into meatballs 1-2 Eggs (Duck or Chicken, depends on your preference) 1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt 1 Teaspoon of...
  6. Hunting Camp
    Sept 1st......bucks and bulls...any size...all legal for 9 days. Knives and broadheads are sharpened today......gear check tomorrow.....setup my deer in the bush so I can practice have a spot all picked out. do I sound EXCITED ALREADY.......
  7. Hunting Camp
    Our season opens in 21 days....sept 1 - 9th is bow only...elk (bull only any size) - Whitetail (bucks - any size) Muley (blacktail) (bucks anysize), Black bear, turkeys (bow only - sept 1-30 - bearded only), Cougar sept 10th ,then there are sheep and goats , moose, but I am not interested in...
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    I am looking to find someone that still might be making wrist tabs. If you know of anyone please pass on the information. Mine broke. Here is a picture of one. Thanks for any info.
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    Spoiler alert: this is an unsolicited pro Omega piece. Got my Omega Imperial in a few days ago. Here is some information for anyone on the fence, or even wondering about Kegan's bows. (This one, anyway.) I'll either see if I can post pics, or the link. The bow is 66" and 42# @ 31". (I'm...
  10. Hunting Camp
    I'm not a huge fan of wool like some people. Sure, I own plenty of wool socks, and several wool shirts, a few sweaters, but jackets and pants? No. But this morning the weather is 41 degrees and raining, and if I were heading into the woods, I'd certainly have a thick wool shirt under the outer...
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    Why is it I'm in love with a set-up until I run it through the chrono? Why are the only limbs I can get up to a decent speed punishing to shoot? I know in my head that the speed probably doesn't make all that much difference, but damn if I don't like shooting a bow through that hellish little...
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    Hi I'm pretty new to this site, I was wondering how do most of you practice shooting. especially on bad or off days? Do you grind threw them till the kinks are gone and your shooting good again or ? what?I need good advice on how one should practice shooting from form to aim to shot cycle ...
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    I am ready for 10 days away from work and bows. Tomorrow evening I start the long drive up California to Bend Oregon for a little R&R--my style. Going to raft the Duschetes, rock climb at the world famous Smith Rock, visit the micro-breweries in Bend, view the coastal redwoods at Redwood...
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    WHo is doing Warfs these days, picked up a Proline at a garage sale. Looks like it would be good for my archery class if converted. thanks dave
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    I took my CH into the woods ... doing some roving and stump shooting ... as well as practicing for an upcoming hunt this winter ... most shots where taken from 10 to 30 yards
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    My shooting keeps plummeting. The last year or so I've tried to make it fun. Tried to change forms, shoot 3-d's, have lay-offs, even tried the one arrow a day deal (tried for week and went back to 50-100 a day) make my own novelty's etc. Have even shot with my eyes closed. (Not to bad) I have...
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    Today was the first Field tournament of the year for me. It was one of those days where everything went right. Seemed like I shot every single shot the way I wanted. Total control. I've been working pretty hard at it and it was nice to see it pay off today. I'm absolutely thrilled with my...
1-17 of 63 Results