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    Wish David would write a book about DAS Kinetics history from a dream to reality and everything that went into the development of the Das bow! I would buy one. If anyone still talks to David talk him into it. Gil
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    For those who care about such things, a DAS Tribute riser from the original batch won the IBO Traditional World Championship and the IBO World Championship and the IBO National Triple Crown, all in STRD class. Thank you David A. Soza (DAS) for your contribution to traditional archery. Mike...
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    This thread is about a matched set of custom Hunting knives from my dear friend David Mirabile for two very special Bowyers I count as good friends First to the Bowyers Everyone knows how I like my Border Archery Of Scotland Bows The CH has changed my perception of what a hunting bow can...
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    Very sad to hear that David Bowie has died. An extraordinary man .. talented and influential in so many ways to so many people. RIP David
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    April 2005 events here at tradtalk made history. David Soza and some of his forward thinking friends developed and introduced to the world the DAS riser. Lots of water under that bridge but it sure has changed the face of recurve hunting bows. Thank you David Soza!
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    Can any one tell me how to contact this bow maker I got my hands on one of his bows and I have a few questions for him. Thank you for any help.
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    Ben, who would have thought there was two David Miller Bowyer. Better than that who would figure two archers 9000 miles a part would like the wooden bows??? LOL this is my Sage string fellow. 50#@28"
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    This was brought up on a different thread, so rather than totally hijack it to smithereens, I thought we could look into this cool project again, here.
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    David I know you use a nickname here but I'll be danged if I can remember. Your limbs are headed to the finish booth today. Give me a call. 817-594-5578 Mike
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    I can't help but chuckle a bit when I see how many trad bowyers are now offering some form of ILF limb bow. When Dave Soza first introduced the DAS bow there were rumblings and grumblings amongst some of the trad bow community about how it looked and what was Dave trying to do? Well time has a...
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    David finally lost the battle with his cancer. He slipped away last Saturday the 6th. You can send condolences to his daughter Terry through the email or phone number on the Quinn Archery website. God Bless David & Peggy Quinn We will miss these wonderful people......
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    I spotted this on AT that David is in a coma and not expected to make it much longer. One of the legends of barebow. Prayers to family and friends.
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    Well, this all started when I watched the video "Masters of the Barebow" and saw David Soza shooting his DAS bow,I said,what an interesting bow........ So,my quest began.I started seeking info. about these DAS bows and looked for people who owned them.I want to thank all those who put up with...
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    Havn't seen his posts in a while is he still around? Just wondering I'm sure hes buissey n up to making something.
1-14 of 31 Results