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    Just wondering if anyone is using Rcore grips on their Das? If so which riser did you list during purchase as Das is not listed. I have contacted Rcore via their website but haven't heard back. I have the new HT-21 on the way and am looking at what my grip options are if I dont like the JD3...
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    Has anyone taken possession of one of these risers yet? Very interested to see how people like them as I am thinking of pressing the button on one when the additional weights show up on the website. Also curious as to how they compare to a WF 21. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    I may have egg on my face if someone can tell me where this is in the manual, but I can’t find a brace height recommendation in the DAS Tribute manual. Setting mine up with Dryad LBX limbs. Anyone know where I can find a brace height table? Or know the recommended range? Also, anyone else...
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    Hello all. Loving my DAS 17" with standard DAS longbow limbs. Very forgiving bow. Have a Mountain Muffler string on it. Shoots awesome. Just curious if any that have hunted with this set up and have put anything on limbs or inside the ILF pocket to quiet their rigs or any other suggestions...
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    Hi folks, Newbie here on TradTalk, and newbie to traditional archery. I have searched the forums for information and found some related topics on the Accutune, but so far nothing that directly addresses my question, so I hope this new thread is welcome. I have picked up a DAS 17" riser which...
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    If I understand correctly, the DAS Gen 1 had some cut outs in the riser on the sight window side. One the DAS Gen 2, it was back to solid (but I think there some inletting machined.) Does anyone know why the design changed? Is the Gen 2 markedly better than the Gen 1?
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    Just thought I’d share in case anyone else potentially finds it interesting... Was messing around with bows in the basement the other night. Have a 21” Elite riser with ILF limb pads, and a 17” Dalaa prototype with DAS pads. The 21” had some 34 Long Kaya limbs on it that I was trying to back...
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    I have one that has killed multiple animals with but would love to find another. 62-66” 40-50#. These were made by Ernie McKenzie in Montana years ago. I know Kirk Lavender remade this model with Ernie’s permission for a bit and I own one of those. I am still looking for a DAS Elite RH in...
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    LH 17" DAS Brownie Riser My understanding is that these are the early 3 Rivers Dalaa. Quite a few signs of use but nothing too major. Can send full size pics. Everything works as it should. Prior owner ground off and polished the shelf hump. I've got it more or less replaced with velcro...
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    This weight was ordered 4 months ago..finally got it done! This one is forged with a dull axe for a treebark pattern. First forged brass weight. I like it! And a brass bottle weight in the works...forging to be added soon...hopefully not 4 months from now
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    I am looking at purchasing this DAS dalaa takedown, and haven’t been able to find info on it because it’s camo (current models show solid color risers) and I would like to know when this model riser was made and also what the current value may be.
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    There was a thread not to long ago about the long bow version of these. Wondering if anyone has tried the recurve limbs and what they think of them.
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    Looks like three rivers, Cody Greenwood, and the push guys have collaborated on a new riser. It appears to be a modern incarnation of the elite. I'm excited to say the least.
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    the DAS TRIBUTE thread used to be appropriately up above the main forum threads in the section called the CLASSICs. I see it's now buried in all the many threads in the main forum. Was this intended (got to ask WHY?) or an honest blunder.? it's a valuable resource. I just went to look something...
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    I purchased a DAS 17" with 40# longbow limbs a few weeks back, and this bow seems to eat any arrow I put in it. Is it just my imagination, or are these bows more forgiving? It's tillered for 3-under and I draw 29 1/2" consistently. I'm shooting off the shelf set to center of shaft. I get...
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    Hello all. Been shooting DAS ILF Longbow I picked up from 3 Rivers for about a week now. 17" Riser with 40# @ 28 limbs. After tightening all the screws to eliminate noise, I notice the set screws for the upper limb-bolt don't match up like those for the bottom limb bolt. Bottom, both set screws...
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    Thought I'd post here before buying new... Looking for ILF limb pads for a DAS riser. Or I'd be willing to trade the DAS plates for the ILF plates (these are from my lightly used Gen 2 riser -- the hardware and rubber pads are in fine shape). Thanks!
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    I have 15" DAS with 6 set of limbs: Marked 34, 45, 45 (longbow never used), 50, 55, 60# The riser has just been blasted to remove black paint that I felt could be remade. Now I haven't chosen colour so I let the new owner proceed with that. All the fittings-DAS system and grip is in the plastic...
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    I'm in the market for a wood grip for my lefty Gen2 riser. Mainly looking for suggestions. I have been in contact with Loesch. I would have to send my riser to him. Does anyone know of other grips that are available that will fit the Gen2?
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    What do you fellas use to glue these on with?