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    Picked up that old green Dalaa riser Steve had, which in all actuality was in great shape. A few months ago sent it off to get hydro dipped in a camo I picked along with a couple sets of limbs. Got them back today. Turned out very nice.
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    Looking to buy a 21 “ das dalaa with dad connections if possible. Shoot me a message if you have one. Thanks
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    I have been shooting my Elite and like a 21" riser. For people that have shot both, how does the Dalaa shoot and feel compared to the Elite? I would like to hunt with a DAS 21" at times, but don't want to hunt the Elite. Thanks Gil
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    There is a 21" Dalaa FS on Leatherwall with a Bieter plunger for 350.
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    Hello! I’m pretty sure this is a non issue, but I’ve recently heard about das limb pads having some issues with bending. I’m currently running a 17” Das riser with 60# medium recurve limbs, (60” total), and was wondering if these limbs are too heavy for this set up. I haven’t had any issues...
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    I couldn't find anything on 3 Rivers or in the the posts here.... Also, if you have shot and or owned both how did they compare to each other? I admit to lusting after a Tribute but want to makes sure before I drop the dough one. Thanks! Gents
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    I was originally “Stubee” here and though I tried everything I could think of I couldn’t get logged in under that, so I’m now “Stubeedoo”. I’ve surfed here occasionally but haven’t posted in twelve years so maybe that was the problem! Simple question: Do all DAS limbs fit a Dalaa riser and...
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    As some of you may remember, I got a DAS Dalaa. Love this bow but it needs to be more quiet. I have fur balls, and all the screws and bolts are tightened down in the handle so it’s not that. What else can I do to quiet the bow down. Anyone ever use limb savers and notice a difference? I’m gonna...
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    Are any of you Dalaa users, using a sight on your riser? If so, could I see your setup and could you explain to me the fundamentals of how to use one? I have never used a sight on a bow, and am entertaining the idea of one on my Dalaa. TW
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    Replace DAS Dalaa Rubber Limb Pad Just purchased a used Dalaa and the rubber limb pads are kind of mangled. I'd like to replace them, but don't see the rubber pad alone for sale on 3 Rivers. Anyone ever do this with some kind of alternative rubber pad? Thanks! Steve
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    Are there any other grips that fit the Dalaa riser? Might just be me but, I think the price for the grips from 3R's is ridiculous!
  12. Warfin' Wall
    Was just wondering if it was feasible to mount DAS Dalaa limb pads to a BB riser. Without having it in front of me I think I would have to replace the limb attachment bolt with something longer to account for the thicker limb pocket bottom. Not sure what else might be involed. I know given the...
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    I know there have been some recent changes to the 17" and 21" Das risers. Just curious if anyone has one of the newer versions and could let me know what you think.
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    Thought I read a Post about this, but can't seem to find it. Course it could all be my imagination too. Anyway, been thinking about converting my Dalaa to ILF. Would use the 3 Rivers plates. Mostly seeking to simplify things with one system since I have various sets of ILF limbs laying around...
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    I am considering the purchase of the SF elite carbon foam limbs for my 21 and 17 inch dalaa risers. They cost $250 at lancaster. These appear to be the top end limbs from SF and get great reviews at lancaster. If someone has shot these limbs please let me know what you thought of them. On a 21"...
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    Have two and have been tuning them for hunting. Both 17, both medium limbs with one turned all the way in and tillered even draws 42 TT blackmax and the others Samick premium carbons all the way down at 443-44. Brace height with 8125 is 7 inches on both.Nock height is one-half above exact...
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    Shot this combination from the 3 Rivers booth at Cloverdale today and it was pretty impressive. Im basically a bowhunter and I haven't shot a ton of high performance bows, but this rig was very nice shooting. Fast, quiet and it just felt right. As always, the 3R crew was a pleasure to talk...
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    Been away from archery for a bit and now want to start shooting my Dalaa again. Thing is I can not remember how to get the top limb bolts back to zero if that makes sense. The owners manual states not to turn them in either direction more than two complete turns. I'm afraid I've fiddled with...
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    Looking for a 21" ILF Dalaa in natural fear camo. Let me know what you got. Thanks, Zafar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm toying with setting up 17" Dalaa with some ILF longbow limbs. No serious reason, just for giggles :) Within my price range I'm looking at either Sky or Dryad... Just carbon/woods, not top of the line limbs. Has anyone got a preference or experience with these limbs on a 17" Dalaa...