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    I'm very happy with the ILF bow I bought a few weeks ago from Chuck. It's a wood riser, 20" and made up of Madagascar ebony, birdseye maple and bubinga. I started off the shelf and then went to a rest and plunger. Shoots well both ways. He also made the limbs of maple and glass at 38#/28" for a...
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    Back by Popular Demand: We grabbed more of the Bushnell Custom Gold 1.5-6x32mm Ballistic-X Illuminated for you @ 50% off the regular selling price, Reduced to only $149.99. We got in a shipment of the Bushnell Custom Gold 1.5-6x32mm - Ballistic-X Illuminated Riflescopes back in March and...
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    Use promo code flag16 through memorial day to save 15% on all bowstrings over $15 visit our site at
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    Pretty damn close to being a release aid while still being "trad"...
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    Someone asked me on another site if anyone is making grips for a DAS Gen 1. He said that Shortdraw was making them but doesn't do it anymore. Is there another source for custom grips for a DAS Gen 1? Thanks Gil
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    Hi All, We've been working to create some new custom profile fields that you will hopefully find helpful. If you look into your profile you will now see the following fields: Hunting Bow 3D Bow Outdoor Target Bow Indoor Target Bow These fields will now show up in the "postbit" section. This...
21-26 of 193 Results