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  1. Camp Kitchen
    More out of boredom w/ the provided food from the DFAC than any other reason, I created somehting rather tasty and easy/cheap to prepare... In the bottom of a microwaveable bowl (with tight fitting lid) place contents of (1) 0.9 Oz package of Jack Link's beef jerkey. Place (1) block of ramen...
  2. Bow Projects
    Here is a pic of my latest creation. It is a 58" TD Recurve [email protected]". Bocote and Wenge on the riser and Bocote with Black Phenolic on the limbs.
  3. Faith and Fellowship
    I'm thinking about sending this in to our local paper, which is currently debating this issue and focusing on Noah's Ark. I wanted to get some of your opinions before I sent it in on what I may need to change or edit. Thanks, Ray The Letter: How big of a boat would an evolutionist have to...
  4. Bow Projects
    This is one I just finished for a guy in KY. He has not seen it yet. He gets it tomorrow at a shoot. Gaboon ebony-bloodwood stripe-birdseye over actionboo limbs.
1-4 of 4 Results