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    I've got a computer full of archery related random images that I think some members might enjoy. There's all sorts of stuff in there ranging from old bows to classic portraits to early photographs and images from catalogues. The problem is I'm not very good at all the computer stuff, so, I'd...
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    In order to establish a repeatable shot rhythm, it is often useful to recite a small piece of a song or a phrase in your head while you shoot. I have come up with the following. This phrase also helps to remind me to follow-though like I am trying to throw an elbow at somebody behind me. Metta...
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    The Social groups provide unique opportunities for you. Create your own Social group with a private or public forum or join an existing public social group to have posting access to that social group forum. Here's how to do it. To Join a social group. 1. Go to your user control panel and...
1-3 of 8 Results