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    The Westvang boys and I shot 3D practice at Cowtown this morning. Cowtown's field range is coming along wonderfully. This is the boys taking it out on a turkey. The thing I want to know is, who is that old geezer...
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    Posted this on Facebook figured I'd post here as well. Look forward to seeing yall there.
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    I have shot it twice. Good shoot. They have this match that you can shoot around with carbon arrows (non wooden) and around with wooden arrows. Never shoot it but I guess they add the scores a have a winner. The last time three years ago think I shoot a round with two lady from Houston...
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    Hey Rusty, I think this is your clubs shoot. Could not find any particulars on rules. Do TBOT rules apply or can you play with raised rests?
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    More TEXAS awards to take home. Come on everyone. This shoot is one of the Best in Texas.
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    This is the OFFICIAL flyer for the shoot. We will have much more on the MIDWAY than what is listed. Already added is AERIAL TARGETS, FLU-FLU LONG SHOT. ASA INDOOR ROUNDThis will be a whole days worth of FUN concluding with an exciting SHOOT DOWN with all 16 class winners competing for the $640...
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    6th. Annual Cowtown Bowmen TRADITIONAL SHOOT Date: Feb. 26th. & 27th. 2011Registration: Opens by 8:00 am. The Practice Range will also be open by 8:00 am. (Both Days) Format: 50 3-D Animals w/3 Mulligan @ $1.00 each. Shoot Times: California Start 8:00 am. (Both Days) * (Score Cards in by...
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    Cold, snow, north wind howling. Ah Texas I luv u. :). It is such a treat to have a good coach go over your form. you may well know what you need to do and think you are doing it but it is easy to get sloppy. Your mind will let your body fool it over time. That was the first time I had...
1-8 of 8 Results