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    Just returned from Utah where I was able to harvest a cow elk. It was day 6 of our backpack hunt and it was time to secure elk steaks. I was hunting in a small aspen ravine where I had seen elk previously. I had made myself a comfortable hide out while sitting on a downed log. She came quickly...
  2. Hunting Camp
    They came from all directions.
  3. Trail Cams
    Pretty common on the island I live. They're in the forest behind my house. They come and go, and I haven't seen them lately but when they come back I like to have beef in the freezer. Considered to be the most dangerous game in Hawaii it's a bit intimidating to get within bow range. I can get...
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    I have to admit that I am a beef eater. I can't handle that gamey wild stuff. So when is cow season?
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    So there i the backyard....kinda ticked that 3 creeks took nearly a week to get points to me for tuning my arrows for my whip..taking a break..doing a lil house cleaning...went to take out some garbage and freaking trip over this long cardboard tube laying in front of my door..what...
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    When you get towards the end of the video it shows slow motion arrow flight and it looks really good to me. Then again I am no arrow flight expert at all. The video also has 4 different arrow weights and he calculates the FPS. Check it out, I'm amazed.
  7. Watering Hole
    I just wanted to say that its Extremely nice to see that the ban on political discussion has been lifted. Dunno when it happened, but its nice to see. So........anyone hear why Beck left CNN? Why hasnt Obama been railed out of the race yet? At least ya knowing your voting for a crook from tha...
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    Due to general circumstances I have not been able to shoot my DAS for about 6 weeks. So in the meantime I have been shooting my Fedora. I'm not the greatest shot. Averaging 190-205 lately and that has required my full attention to keep above 200. So tonight I went out and shot about 30 arrows...
  9. Hunting Camp
    I hiked up to a rocky overlook between two ridges with oldest son, first time we've been able to do it since fall, and we'd just taken a seat and we're enjoying the view when I heard hooves... I glanced back and saw a cow elk coming down the ridge towards us, my dogs had scared her out of her...
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    Went down to Nelsonville to shoot this morning. I was very excited right up to the point where I found out it would cost me 30 dollars to shoot. SOrry Guys, I dont want to sound cheap, but I had to pass. Seeings how it would just be for fun, thats just too much money. The amateur class was a...
  11. Watering Hole
    Latest breaking news said that we've got a cow in the US testing postiive for mad cow disease. So, there's no doubt about it. It's here. I've suspected as much for many years and still think my ex-wife might be patient zero.
1-11 of 12 Results