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    Well my 5 year old has some health issues that would make it terrible on him to get this virus. I already had this past week planned off work to be with my wife and son during spring break. It was nice to be stuck at home just hanging out. I return to work in 48 hours and have arranged for...
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    I've made a target face PDF generator. With it you can generate printable pdf targets that take into account your arrow width so you can score from the comfort of your short distance range. The scores are correct (as the 10ring gets smaller the thicker the arrows, the shorted the distance). it...
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    In a highly technical article published on 3/16 in Science, an international team of epidemiologists concluded that 86% (a bit more than six out of seven) cases of Coronavirus in China prior to implementation of travel restrictions on 23 January were not documented because the symptoms were so...
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    For hour-to-hour update by U.S. state & globally: regards, John
1-4 of 5 Results