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    15 yards shot 12 shots all 12 in 3”circle and centered well
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    When shooting GAP I require an offset to the right for some reason. I am assuming my posture or head alignment has changed .How do you Gents ensure you have the exact same head alignment on every shot? When I shoot split with my ILF I can place the string on my nose. Shooting 3 under and GAP...
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    I didn't want to get sidetracked on the 60-yard challenge thread, so figured I'd start a new one.** I used to have the same problem Matt describes, executing my shots the same way no matter the distance. It's something I noticed years ago while shooting field archery. On the targets, say, 50...
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    A number of you have spine testers. Would you mind letting some of the rest of us in on what you have learned? What arrows are consistent within a dozen? What arrows are close to their advertised spine? ... and what arrows were poor? I noticed some cheap arrows (Cabella Stalker shafts) and I...
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    I have been pondering Archery and have been wondering is it Good Form or Consistent Form? What do you think it is?
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    Hi, Years ago, I was a snapshooting croucher. Then I found this site and became a Quinn-shooting, 3-fingers under, low anchor, upright bow, subconscious gap shooter. At close range I'm having luck with 3-under, a high anchor (cheek bone), and a cant to the bow. If I don't cant the bow with...
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    i want the most consistent all carbon arrow and am looking at the grizzly stik and the cx maxima. how are these and what other good shoices are there? thanks for any info!
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    when my arrow tip is aligned directly under the target, i get consistent right hits(im left handed). i am using split fingers, middle finger corner of mouth. 3 under, same finger, same anchor, i still get right hits. when i move down to index finger, the hits are a bit better, but still a bit...
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    I am shooting Arrow Dynamics Trad shafts and I like them a lot. I think on the next batch I buy I'm going to have the guy I buy them from spine and weigh them so I can have better consistency from shaft to shaft (just a confidence thing :)). Right now, the shafts vary by as much as 5-6# in spine...
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    a consistent draw length is vital but I rarely see a thread on it...I used a video camera to look at my form and noticed that my draw length varied by 1/4 inch sometimes too much or too little and always seemed to creep up the longer I held at draw...I heard of guys cut there arrows so that when...
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    Do any of you folks use sites on your bows to help you develope good form and consistant release? I have found that when I get into a shooting slump that if I use a site for a while I am able to consentrate on form and release and not so much on burning a hole in the target. I seem to be able...
1-11 of 11 Results