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    I recently posted a question on what kinds of feathers folks use and was surprised that a number of the responses were focused on conforming to competition rules. I'm not aware of any organized traditional (read not compound or olympic) shooting activities in my area. What kinds of leagues...
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    Just wondering. It seems like they all shoot 3 under.
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    So we've all seen that the new Gillo has 30% adjustment range. Does anyone think that this means we could finally mount longbow limbs with enough preload that they don't get crazy noodly on a 25 or 27 inch barebow riser?
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    So I see string recommendations here are mostly guys doing primarily trad hunting stuff. But if you are into WA bare bow competition stuff, where are you going for strings? I've heard 60x but are there small custom builders doing this kind of thing?
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    2019 Chinese Archery Competition . . . regards, John
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    What combination have you put together this year for any Barebow/trad competitions. Any significant changes from last year? This will be my second year at Lancaster Classic, first time with this rig. Spigarelli DMS black Ultamite Pro 34lb Long limbs Better Plunger Modified grip angle with...
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    I've ordered my CH with the ability to add a weight to the riser. I believe I can use my CH with a weight in barebow comps. It's phenolic so it has the added weight. Given that the CH I'm getting will be 60" and a 17" riser is this a suitable rig for barebow? I shut my first 3D comp...
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    Hello I recently bought a auction storage unit. Among the contents were these Two recurve Bows. Wing Archery Slim Line Master 66" 25# SLM-1324 & Slim Line Competition 70" 33# SLC-263. I have found similar bows but I can't find these two. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also what there...
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    Obviously Im speaking generally - as some competition shooters never or rarely experience target panic. So they wouldnt have this issue. And likewise if you have lack consistent good form and habits and your only way to learn them is through the competition scene then thas a plus for...
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    I’m currently looking to get into a 25” ILF riser to tinker with in some local 3D competitions. Just curious how many folks have a dedicated competition riser and a shorter riser from the same maker as a hunting setup. For example, I was looking at Gillo (G1 used or maybe a G2) and I know they...
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    Hi all with my wife, last weekend I took part in our first ever tournament away from our home club- the New Zealand FAA Bowhunter Nationals. (3D) We have been shooting for about 1 year. It was a two day comp with the first day at a club about 1 hour south from us, and the second day at our...
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    Looking for a little advice as I am about to dip my feet in a competition specific bow. I have shot several local competitions over the last several years with my hunting bow (Hoyt Tiburon, shot with a fixed crawl and NAP Centerest). I have never bought or setup a plunger or a wire rest before...
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    As folks know I would never knowingly cheat. NFAA, IFAA, IBO, and my own state organization make it clear that once a person qualifies to shoot any Senior division, they are free to none the less continue to register and shoot in Adult division. Perfectly legal. At the same time it is also not...
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    Hi All, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and wanted to thank you all for your help whether you knew it or not. Anyway- I shot a 3D tournament over the weekend and did not shoot as well as I had expected. I went out the first 10 or so targets blazing and was very hopeful, but...
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    Im so sick of normal tv I was wondering if there's any really good 3D archery competitions on the computer like YouTube to watch.I haven't found any thru searches I've done.
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    Dear Border Experts ! :-) I would like to ask for advice/suggestion from you! I am thinking about a new competition "trad" bow in class WA TRRB or IFAA AMBH(R).... Which (and why...) would do you suggest to me from these: Border Black Douglas HEX 6.7-H (What can this 6.7 "numbering" over the...
1-16 of 66 Results