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    I'm pretty new to recurve archery. I'm shooting a Gillo G1 27" with 42# long Hoyt Integra limbs. The riser and limbs were purchased used from different vendors. I have a 32.5" draw length. When I first put the bow together I turned out the tiller bolts 3 turns to lighten the draw weight a little...
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    Any new limbs coming down the line? Preferably from the US? I have some Uukhas now just looking for something different. I heard a rumor that someone from the states was coming out with limbs better than the Uukhas.
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    "Donald Trump blasts 'fools' who oppose good Russian ties" From here : The word you are looking is " Bathos" . . . and I will add High Bathos . It fits Trump to a " T"(witter) . . . See definition here ...
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    a 56"/50#@28 Drake "Flight Bow"... Should be interesting! ;)
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    I got in a little tussle with my motorcycle, it won. I am a right handed shooter and I broke my left shoulder blade, 5 ribs on the left side 1 on the right, partially deflated my left lung, shattered my left leg, had two vertebrae where I broke the rib off there, can't remember what they called...
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    I have a bit of a deal worked out and if I can pull it off and the wife doesn't kick me out I will have this new 3 piece longbow very soon... Here is a lil sneak peek stats are 64" 42# @ 28" Sent from my LG-D959 using Tapatalk
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    The gods have been shining upon me this year. After too much work and very little play I got on the list of the first run of CD Archery's new WFX (extreme) riser. The riser was redesigned to push the weight forward from 5% to 13% with the addition of a weight kit. The kit is going to come in 2.5...
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    Was looking for some new limbs ,long 36-38 lb and almost bought some Kstorms but low and behold scored some brand new SF Ultimate Pro's ,long 36lb on AT tonight I've read so many good things about these limbs ,I thought I'd never find any.
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    I have long wanted to add popular entry level bows to my testing database. I now have an archery club that is going to partner with me to do that. Their interest is so that they have better information available to them when they recommend first bows to archers participating in the large...
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    Just got off the phone with Joel Turner For those of you that do not know Joel he is a very talented archer who is also a Police Officer / SWAT Sniper Team Leader He was also featured on Masters Of The Bare Bow and is very well known for his work when it comes to target panic and more...
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    Well the clocks go forward on Sunday so I'm actually starting to dream about seeing grass again soon. With that comes the much missed 3D season, woohoooo. For all my iBO friends, what events are on your calendar, what bow set up do you plan on using and what class are you shooting? I plan on...
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    Thanks to everyone who has given me advice on this method. I know I had lots of questions. I think I am finally getting the hang of this and advice about things like string blur/alignment are starting to make sense and I can now get arrows that previously only went left to shoot down the...
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    I thought this was a real good interview. Clear, fear mongering....just things to think about. Warren Pollock - Pompeii type event coming is the title.....if you know what happened there this is quite a revelation. enjoy
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    If you wave the religous stuff I think this is a very comprehensive article and explains in plain language what we are facing.
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    Rod Jenkins clinic coming to California(UPDATE)!!!! Yep, that's right. Rod will be here Oct. 11,12,2014. I have 3 openings left. If you have always wanted to attend one of Rods clinics now is your chance. For info contact me at 209-852-2475 or [email protected] Mike
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    well, the GOP is actually doing something today. the Speaker of the House (whose name I am momentarily unable to spell, LOL! is it Boner? close enough :p) is suing Obama over his repeated tactic of going around Congress with his executive orders. while not particularly a fan of his, I am glad to...