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    Who is in for the Baltimore shoot next week? Weather looks great. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Come on folks you're slacking a little bit. Let's show some pictures and tell some stories. ,[emoji16] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Anyone going to the Twin Oaks Tennessee Classic shoot?
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    Was working on an old bow of mine that was bought out of a Western Union Hardware store in the 1970's. Was sold as a Deluxe, we (my Dad and I) new it was a Browning 64" 40lbs. Anyways, it had been hunted hard., had a badly twisted limb and tiller was way off. Abused by me as a teenager but...
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    I'm going through the LAS Classic videos and I'm seeing a bunch of different bow set ups and "Tricks" and I'm since sure I'm not the only one wondering about such things, I figured a junk drawer thread might be in order, to discuss barebow seen in the wild. My first question is whats going on...
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    Good luck to all you competitors providing the vicarious entertainment for us wannabes. We'll be if you need bail money!
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    Just seen we are up to 43 Barebow shooters this year which I think is awesome. I'm really looking forward to this shoot this year beings I couldn't make it last year. If you're on the fence about coming because of this or that, sign up and come join the rest of us I guarantee you will have a...
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    Just looked at the registrations for Barebow. Looks like this year is going to be good. 33 archers so far. Looking forward and hope the weather co-operates this year. Alan Eagleton Ben Rogers Richard Stonebraker As well as John Demmer Mark Lynde Dewayne Martin Calvin Smock
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    What can people tell me about these bows? Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
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    I just got the email to register for the Lancaster Classic. Having never shot a venue anywhere near the size of this I am very nervous but also excited to participate . Just curious who will be there
  11. Bow Projects
    Got a deal on a nice slab of Shedua. After joining, squaring, planing and a new template. Went with a 23.5-24" ILF Riser. Will locate and dial in the inserts, bolts, dovetails next few nights.
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    Some guys and gals really layed down some Nuke Rounds during this shoot! Looks like last years Trad World #2 Recurve dropped a 400+. Fawn dropped a big number as well as well as Sherry M. Bobby W. got edged out in RU I am Purdy sure by Don M. but there were several 400+ scores shot. Self Bow...
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    Just a couple more days until the Classic starts. Campers already there. Come early this Thursday and stay late Sunday. Thinkin they make crack 1000 shooters if weather holds clear. Have like 42 vendors going to come peddle wares. One of the nicer venues in all of outdoor 3d. Come and bring a...
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    John Saw ya shoot yesterday. After 5 or 6 ends I could see where you'll be standing on Sunday! Good show. Cal You shot awesome. X count was good as well. I will see you standing tall Sunday as well. How many showed? I saw they had 1000 registered but it appeared much lower. Smag~
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    The first real snow of the year is forecast for Friday and Saturday. Maybe a foot or more. Lovely, I live an hour South of Lancaster, was planning on driving up there Friday and Saturday morning. Might have to find a room for Friday night now. Just a heads up.
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    Time is running out on the registration for the classic. We have 40 signed up in the barebow class. Who's all coming from here? Any just visiting? Who's all missing, and how can we get them to come? [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
41-56 of 138 Results