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    With all of the tournaments/shoots cancelled this year, especially at the state level, many of us are limited to just shooting for fun at whatever club ranges are available. The Barebow Recurve and Traditional classes are a tiny niche within a niche sport. So, it gets kind of lonely in...
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    Help me think of some legal bows for this class. I can think of: Dryad IC 23 MINS Lazarev Maybe the white feather lark as a budget option? What else is legal
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone familiar with the classes at IBO? The self bow class states; Bow - no manmade material can be used on bow except string material and glue. No performance enhancing material may back the bow (ie. Another wood, bamboo, rawhide or sinew). Only decorative materials such as snake skins may be...
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    Thinking about getting one of these, does anyone have any experience with them? They make really good stuff, but was just curious as to this particular riser. Any input would be great. Thanks
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    Well I was in the mood to make a run at this class, but didn't have a riser that would be competitive. Knowing Border archery has built a few for this class it was a no brainer to contact Sid. I had 3 requests. I wanted some blue for color, a cms style grip, and I needed it in time for trials...
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    Question: How much wood needs to be on a wood riser to qualify for WA instinctive class? We are brainstorming new products for this year. thanks, Mike
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    I ordered 2 strings from Allen a couple of weeks ago; one for me and one for my 5 year old's new bow that I got him for Christmas. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as the strings arrived on Christmas Eve, giving me enough time to put it on Evan's little Samick longbow. Only thing...
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    Does Rick Walsh still have classes
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Has anyone heard whether NFAA is considering implementing a true barebow class (that allows stringwalking and does not allow compounds) for NFAA indoor nationals? I would love to go to more NFAA tournaments if they had a barebow class that fit what I shoot.
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    (although prefer the traditional phrase of Intuitive class rather Instinctive class) regards, John
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    I was just reading the rules for the World Archery 3D Instinctive class, and this has me confused. The bow may include a single adjustable limb for tiller adjustment only, but may not have adjustable limb pockets for bow weight adjustment. From this I'm presuming a Border Black Douglas ILF...
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    Looking over the rules, it appears a fixed crawl or string walking is legal?
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    I want to shoot Traditional Recurve class PSAA. What type of recurve is normaly used for this. I have a Fox Maverick 60" and a W&W Black wolf with Border Hex 7.5 or do I need a tatget type bow 25" riser and all of that?
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    Hey I need your opinions. I know dumb question. But we have an "Olympic" class at our RC state championship shoot that is poorly defined and as a result not many shooters. I'd like to make it Barebow using either WABB or IBO RU rules. Which do you think would be best and draw the most shooters...
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    I just have to say these guys provide awesome service. I emailed them a few times with some questions and each time they hit me back with an answer right away. I even got a reply on Easter. I called and talked to both Dewayne and Calvin and they were so nice and helpful and answered my...
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    I have a NM Ramer 64" [email protected] and a JD Berry Misty Dawn 68" [email protected]". Is thje anyone out there that shoots or has shot the Traditional Longbow class in field archery. would any of these bows work good for that class or is a "special " one like a Fox triple Crown. I never shot Field archery before so...
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    I find it rather interesting how Vegas chooses to add classes and not to add classes. Last year there was 1 Crossbow class with 6 competitors with prize money going to 2 of the, or the top 33% The barebow class that had more recurve shooters than compound shooters had 78 that competed and had...
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    I was thinking as I read through the Lancaster Classic thread that barebow must be the fastest growing class in archery today. Even a lot of "trad" guys are incorporating rests and plungers in their setup these days, crossing the line into barebow. Does this sound right? Thoughts?
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    I'm coaching some girl scouts and want to be more exact than my knowledge allows me to be. Barebow Class is no sight, no stab, no clicker. Anything else? Do you have to touch the arrow? What's next in a class? Where something like string walking would be included, if it's not included in...
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    Guys we have a local organization that puts on a great shoot. They have a trad class thats 25yds, and the only rules are recurve or long bow. So basically you can shoot anything you want. This is a $10 trophy class. Something happened and they are now looking to make 2 classes. The rules are...
1-20 of 103 Results