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    i am posting here about these arrows because i love them. i just bought some today and put my points on ( added 15 extra grains for a total of 135gr up front ) and jeesh they shoot well for woodies.they are shooting just as good as my carbon arrows for the same bow. they are also very nice to...
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    If you do I have a favour. PM please. Thanks Jer
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    Gonna be heading to Rapid City SD in early June to take my eldest daughter to start a summer internship at SDSMT. Any archery events nearby 1st week of June? dave
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    I'm trying to get ready for the World Archery field championships in August in Croatia But, first, important things. Our family is having a family reunion in South Dakota this week. Yesterday, I drove 1071 miles into Wyoming. Today, My dad and I arrived in Rapid City at 8:00 p.m. I've got a few...
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    Anyone trying to shoot the whole course on Friday? I'm planning on arriving around 6:30 a.m. and getting on the course close to 7 a.m. Anyone who has shot this event, do I have to pre-register prior to arriving? Do you think it's feasible to get the whole course in on Friday? See you there!
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    Our friend Calvin continued his domination in the longbow class. What a great shooter. This old has been can no longer hang with him. I had to buy him a bigger sized hat by the end of the shoot. :). Jenn Stoner continues to be lights out in female trad.Out of all of us, she has the best form...
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    Hello Sirs. Hailing from Union City, TN. not originally from this area but where I live at now. Anyway, a couple months back my brother in law let me borrow his Martin Cougar C4 compound bow to practice with. I am a total beginner in archery and have not shot an arrow until I brought the...
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    I'm heading to SLC for a 2-day business trip soon. I probably won't have any time of my own, but I see Easton/Beman and Hoyt are both headquartered there. Do they have brick-n-mortar storefronts, or is it only corporate offices? It would be neat if I could pick up some gear, maybe blems.
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    Would like to know if there are any shoots around Kansas City, Kansas Memorial Day weekend. Will be there that weekend staying around the Basehor area and was wanting to shoot some. Thanks for any info.
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    I received one for Fathers day and finally got a chance to try it out this afternoon on a ride to the club. I love it. It fits great and hold everything I need. Riser, limbs, arrows, string, quiver etc. Nice way to be able to ride the bike to the club and shoot Rusty you need one of these...
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    I've been shooting for a few years, but the place I go is in a basement. I'm not very good about sticking with it during the summer; I'd rather be outside. I've heard there are a couple of outdoor ranges in the Salt Lake City area, but I can't seem to find much information on them. Any...
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    June 13-14 Trosper Archery Range 3-D Field 900 round Details are here:
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    How does this work (distance, target, scoring etc.). Is it basically an NFAA indoor round or something a bit different?
1-13 of 21 Results