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    Hey all -- According to the 3rivers dynamic spine calculator, my bow has a dynamic spine of 63. It's a Black Widow PAV 41# @ 27" (which is my draw). 62" AMO. Every carbon spine chart out there says I should be at .500 carbon spine with 100-125gr points at 28" of length. But when I plug that...
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    recently I have all my old arrows decommissioned and totally replaced them with new Platinum Plus xx75 I used to shoot 29" 1916 Legacy xx75 with 100gr points out of all my 40# ish trad bows, had good results with them over the years. but since I am devoted in target archery now, I dont need a...
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    I seem to remember David Socia (please excuse my spelling that doesn't look correct) wrote an article about spine and talked about a .500 arrow and stated that a half inch of arrow equaled 50 grains of tip weight. IE same dynamic spine whether you take off a 1/2 inch or add 50 grains. Plus he...
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    Has anyone used this chart? i didnt know how accurate it actually is. i put all my info in and im in the range of 2 points with the 200 grain points and they have been flying good. just wondering if anyone had experience with this chart. thanks kyle
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    Does anyone have an arrow drop chart that they could share, for 170 or 180 fps, with a 20-yard zero?
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    Wish somebody would do a spine chart for aluminum arrows that lists not only "spine @ 28"," like Easton's chart, but spine in 1/4" increments from 28" on up to the total arrow length offered.
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    Is there a chart of any kind out there that will tell you deflection length comparisons among different shaft classes? In other words, if a 28" 500 deflection is matched to my bow with a given set up and head weight, what length 400 deflection would I need to have the same static spine? That...
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    Hi guys, question on stu's chart. Just found this thing and it is awesome but I am not sure what bow to use when figuring arrows. I have a old Ben Pearson hunter bph-90 53lbs at my draw, I used the generic recurve and it shows a dynamic spine need of around 50 but if I use the Pearson hunter...
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    I have a few longbows, different pull weights and lengths. After building wooden arrows for 30 years I've begun trying carbon and aluminum. I bought 3 fletched arrows at the bowshop, at their recommendaton for the pull weight of the bow, and after shooting, my Moon 58lb longbow likes Easton...
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    I came across this simple Gold Tip shaft chart, to get newbies started, that lists length and spine. I thought it was a good starting point for newbies. HOWEVER, the Traditional selections will give you a stiffer arrow than needed so pick one from the other charts based on the point weight you...
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    Guys, Here's something I've been working on in hopes of answering some of those "which arrow" questions . I took Vipers guidelines for aluminum arrows, added the corresponding spines, and tried to fill in the chart above and below the ranges Tony reccomends. I got some input from the other...
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    In the Dalaa's owners manual there's the Max Draw Wt. chart. I'm guessing the top number is the number of pounds that's safe to max the referenced limbs out at. Is the bottom number the number the allowable pounds to go below for that particular limb?
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    OK Easton's hunting chart says for a modern longbow (Vision) a 49# w/100 gr. tip @ 28" should use group "c" a 2013 or 1916 shaft. When I started to set up the bow the only arrows I had were 2114s, which shoot really well thru paper and out to 40 yards. My question is who is off base here...
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    This may have been done before but I needed it. I believe all the formulas are correct (for estimating purposes). For Draw length estimations I used 2.25#s per inch over or under 28 which seems to be the consensus from threads I've viewed. Please let me know if you see any errors.
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    I have been trying to match some arrows for my wifes new bow (25#'s). I've looked at kelley's chart and he says 1616. Another chart I looked at said 1816. What do I choose.........1716, it's in the middle. any advise is welcome. Matt
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    I think I know the answer...and I really dont "go by" spine charts, only roughly...but here goes. If I shoot a 33 inch arrow, but only draw it to 28 1/2...the length of the arrow will have the most influence on the spine, not necessarily the draw length right? For example, some spine charts ask...
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    Having a handgunning background I'm just wondering if there is such a thing for archery. Here is what I'm talking about. The reason I'm looking is every round I throw some arrows at 1:30/2:00 and they're not just random because when I do it with multiple arrows they bang shafts every time.
1-17 of 18 Results