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  1. Faith and Fellowship
    Here is Romans Chapter 8 with commentary in red
  2. Faith and Fellowship
    Here is Romans Chapter 7 with commentary in red
  3. Faith and Fellowship
    I saved this a few years ago and never watched it myself until today. Prepare to sit a bit and read the 6th Chapter of Romans along with commentary that follows each verse in red. The Bible verse is in white. I hope it expands Paul's teaching in your mind as it did for me. Please post your...
  4. Faith and Fellowship
    I think we are going too fast. There is something VERY important that may have been missed. Something that if not understood will leave us as Christians still struggling in our flesh trying to live in this world without the grace of God working to the capacity possible through Christ. I want...
  5. Faith and Fellowship
    Romans 9: 1-5 I tell you honestly that I grieve for all of my native Israel, who as God's chosen people were given commandments, a promise of redemption and adoption. If possible, I would be willing to be accursed to eternal separation to save my countrymen. Romans 9: 6-13 Do not think that...
  6. Faith and Fellowship
    Now to the crown jewel of Paul's explanation of man's relationship with God. This chapter is one that I have dedicated to memory and recital. It picks up with a statement of hope in chapter 7 as Paul expresses his struggle to do the right thing. Now on to the good stuff.............
  7. Faith and Fellowship
    Romans 7:1-6 For those who know the law it is obvious that the law can only apply to anyone during their lifetime. Consider a woman who is bound to her husband under law as long as they both shall live. For, if she would take up with another man while married she would be considered guilty of...
  8. Faith and Fellowship
    Well that was exciting enough. Allow me to continue the Pauline thought as we move into chapter 6. 6:1-4 So if we say that as sin increases that grace abounds more, shall we continue to sin to experience the greatest amount of grace? Don't you remember that when you died with Christ that sin...
  9. Faith and Fellowship
    Grizzly has mentioned many times about how much is revealed to us within Paul's letters to the church in Rome. In particularly chapters 3-8. This letter is sometimes considered the "Magna Carta" of scripture but does contain some controversial concepts. The Wycliffe Bible of 1382 was the...
  10. Faith and Fellowship
    Hi guys, Some fellows from my church and I are thinking of starting a new chapter of the Christian Bowhunters of America in Flagstaff. We don't have any Christian archery clubs here. Has anyone done this before? I have been put in contact with the proper people at CBA and they are sending us...
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    The Doorway Buck is a great story of hunting and growing up, whose author has provided us the rare treat and opportunity of viewing the work in progress. He has just posted a new installment, which can be viewed Here:_The_Doorway_Buck Mike
1-11 of 13 Results